Discussion in 'RLC' started by minicoin, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. minicoin

    minicoin Crow

    alrite. im new, so dont take the piss to much. errmmm im thinking of a driving career in the RLC. can some one tel me about it? is it any good? or bad?

    possibly even thinking about OPA in RA?

  2. Awol

    Awol LE

    Can you drive?
  3. minicoin

    minicoin Crow

    no, i have a proviosional licence though
  4. Awol

    Awol LE

  5. minicoin

    minicoin Crow

    im on about the job as a driver. thanks though. i was told that i would be in the stores aswell. how much driving would i do on a typical day?
  6. freedomofspeech

    freedomofspeech Old-Salt

    8 hours with 2 45 minute breaks.
  7. All depends on what your doing,

    Day to day you could be on guard duty/servicing the waggons/course's/training/ exercise or on op's the job's what you make it. beetere than being an RA plank though :p
  8. stoneybridge

    stoneybridge Swinger

    Like everything else it depends.

    At some units you could be out on detail almost everyday, other units only a couple of times a week. The details could range from 8 hour drives with a 45 minute break or just half hour jollies, in vehicles from civvy hire cars to 15 Tonne DROPS with a trailer. On Exercise or Operations (such as TELIC) you could be driving up to 20 odd hours a day.

    As for the stores side of things you could end up running or working in a store but that is very unlikely to happen for a few years. As a new driver you would mostly to doing driving or the day to day servicing of vehicles.
  9. hooperman

    hooperman Swinger

    Come to 7 regt and sweep the streets and run up hills all day coz we aint got no trucks anymore
  10. mcnato

    mcnato Old-Salt

    Thought you had some 'special people' to do that. The ones stay at your pleasure :D