Discussion in 'Sappers' started by jamiemufu, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. Hello all

    I have used alot of information within this forum to kind of "guide" me into my decision of not going into RLC for driver. No offense to them, but I feel driving driving for the RE is more ME!

    saying that....

    I am really stuck on the most important decision I will ever make and of course I do not expect anyone else to make it for me.

    My question. Am I right in saying driving for the RE has quite alot of combat involved? Might sound like a stupid question but I mean being a driver you could be anywhere with anyone doing anything within the regiment and with learning about demo/mine-warefare etc...

    I only ask because im struck between infantry and Royal Engineers. While I have a passion for engineering (and driving;)) Im not sure if its not what I expect.

    Also if anyone can just drop some brief experiences driving for or knowing drivers in the RE and what they do would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks alot
  2. If you are genuine, PM me and I'll point you in the right direction.
  3. just sent pm not sure if you got it.. Its saying its in my outbox not sent ^^
  4. Received and replied. I just hope you're more switched on than the last numpty.

    And cuter.
  5. Well I make the grade had a 72 on BARB. Although I dont directly link that to any sort of intelligence. IMO I got lucky :p
  6. I Joined the Royal Engineers as a driver / electrician. After training I passed the RE drivers course and went to Gerrmany as an RE tank driver (it sounded like fun and it was). A couple of years later I was given choices of training for helicopter pilot, going EOD or being posted to a bridging unit (shock horror). I went EOD and spent the next 17 years in some VERY interesting places - and still do. I never had time to do the electricians course and am glad that I didn't. The Corps of Royal Engineers is (like some other Corps and regiments) a lot more than you see in the brochure.
  7. :( :( :( :(
  8. Sorry mate, but had I done the electricians course I would have been stuck in that trade and would never have ended up where I am now, in (slightly grubby and mosquito infested) heaven.

    Tsk. Pesky comma.
  9. moi aussi, pulling sand out of places i never knew sand could get into, but getting paid a lot more for it than i did as a sapper. :D :D :D :D
  10. Jamie feel free to PM me aswell with any questions you have reference to joining the RE as a driver!
  11. Sorry I havnt replied in this thread all week. Work at the moment is horridly hectic. Well my applicaton is well on its way. Yesterday I passed the literacy and numeracy tests, got my pre-selection this Thursday coming also. Should not have too many problems, just hope I have made the right choice putting RE Driver for first trade choice;).

    Now I did ask this to my careers officer but he didnt see to have any immediate aswer, so I will try and ask here.

    I am going in for driving as my trade with hopes of going commando/para purely to use my combat skills more than my trade. Now my question to the careers officer was if I dd decide to do so, would I be just stuck at HQ driving around all day? Or am I rght in thinking I would actualy be using my combt engineering skills (which is the main reason I am joining RE). I feel like complete pleb for asking such a question but I am still juggling RE/Infantry in my mind. Or maybe I am better off choosing another trade that will allow my main job to be combat engineeing, problm is no other trades take my fancy:D

    Thank to everyone who has offered advice and helped me so far, im not quite done yet though:D
  12. you will be ok if you get posted to Chilwell as the RE drivers there never drove fecking anywhere. :x :x :x :x
  13. Feel free to pm me with questions ref Driver RE and 9 Para.