Driver wins right to see police note

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. A police officer has been ordered under the freedom of information act to hand over his notebook to a motorist who complained about his behaviour.

    The driver who of a motoring offence, had asked for a copy of the notebook entry relating to the case and a copy of the report of his allegation about the officer.

    Suffolk Police had refused both requests. It is the first time the Act has been used to disclosethe contents of a police officers notebook.
  2. I found it interesting.
  3. It has set a landmark in others obtaining information held about them in police documents. The FOI Act is a good thing for us all
  4. SOP's here in the states. That is why we don't keep note books. You right your notes out, write your offical report, then destroy your notes afterword. If you do that all the time, no problem.
  5. So its acceptable for the US law agencies to destroy records?

    Sorry mate but that sucks.
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I'd better watch what I write down from now on!
  7. Can't see what the problem is. There should have been a copy of his note book entry in the disclosure file.
  8. So can I get a copy of the CCTV tape as I scratched my nuts outside Dixons, scratched them again outside WH Smiths and it did look as if I was picking my nose outside BHS?

    Of course if it comes to court then I will be able to contest the charge of excessive nut scratching and attempted nose picking and the tapes will be made available to my solicitor.

    I hope nobody is writing about me now, I might want copies of that as well.
  9. You will only get access if it was intrusive surveillence!
  10. Fcuking camera was further up my nose than my finger. Is that intrusive enough?
  11. lol, sorry I didnt take your post as being real, this actually happned to you?, was it a council owned cctv camera?
  12. No, not real but it's come pretty close sometimes. Did happen at Meadowhall near Sheffield and apart from that feeling somebody was watching you which they were, I was actually being followed by security and into the bog as well but they weren't my type (they were men). Thought I was part of a shop lifting gang (on my own) as I looked unemployed (I was) and all the unemployed are shoplifters (they aren't) or part of a shoplifting gang (I wasn't).

    Got an apology and a voucher for a free cup of coffee which was thrown at the head of security which he later realised was me declining their very ungenerous offer of a cup of coffee.
  13. Until 1st March 2000 there was no statutory basis for a systematic control of CCTV surveillance in public spaces. However, with the Data Protection Act 1998 now fully in operation, there are legally binding procedures to regulate public space surveillance.

    Remember CCTV is affected by the Human Rights Act!
  14. please stop shouting.