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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by RogueTrooper, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Is it just me, or is Dvr Trg becomming a complete pain in the @rrse?!! :x
    C licence here, E licence there and GS conversion to boot. HGV to drive a WIMIC? What a load of ol' pish; try to get on the courses if you can get on past the loggie tail waggers.
    It looks like there will either have to either be an Op waiver or straight conversion cse. What happens after the tour? Everyone who gets the C+E signs off to become whore murdering truckers (JC's words not mine!!).
  2. glad not just us having driver training issues, for some inane reason finding DMI's to run 432/bulldog driver and commander training is nigh on impossible. we have just 5 drivers in the whole squadron, which is a joke really as we have 8 436+Bulldogs in my troop alone
  3. You're not going to get a waiver just because you couldn't get on a course. If it was that important, Operation necessity would ensure that you received top priority.

    WIMIK (Jackal) weighs more than 7500Kg. Therefore you need a Cat C licence.

    Yes it must be a pain all the loggies getting on a course that qualifies them for THEIR JOB!

    Among other things the GS conversion teaches X-Country drinving. I would suggest this is benificial, especially for Afghanistan and when driving a vehicle like Jackal.
  4. I guess I shouldn't have expected any sympathy!!

    WIMIK ain't JACKAL (M WIMIK is) - two different beasts. We are now being told we need C cat licence for WIMIK, let alone JACKAL.

    As for the rather trite, myopic response about Loggies doing their job - that's not the point; the system can't cope with it's own bureaucracy, and by making everyone go through DST without giving out enough courses or the resources (trainers and equipment) to handle it beggars belief quite frankly.

    BGs are now having to completely re-train their whole driver pool as well as the additional GS and crew fam trg on top of the usual PDT.

    Go figure!
  5. FACTS.

    A good thing to get right if you're flinging them about.

    JACKAL Wt: 6,650 Kgs / GVW* 7,000Kgs.

    With the UK Mil, C Licence still required; +E required when using trailer - none avail at the moment, but Tps still having to get their E Licence.

    * A gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is the maximum allowable total weight of a road vehicle or trailer when loaded - i.e including the weight of the vehicle itself plus fuel, passengers, cargo, and trailer tongue weight.
  6. Has anyone else experienced function creep from DST. They don't seem to let units do their own FAM training anymore on anything bigger than a Hyster.

    Surely it would be better to increase numbers of unit trainers so DST isn't getting clogged up?
  7. You will find now that RWMIK (which is the variant used out in Afghan at the min) has just been bumped up to a Specialist veh (like the Jackal), therefore to drive one you must attend DST on an Operators course (unless like me you are one of only 6 instructors outside of DST which is a right fcukin spam).

    Once you are an RWMIK Operator, to become fully trained for deployment you then have to carry our TLFTT (the live fire package for the weapons platform itself) in all it's a right ball ache!!
  8. ....And all this is without NVD (LUCIE) Goggle Trg!