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I've been in the Army nearly 2 and half years and still haven't done my driver training. I've been to see the master driver at my unit who said he will book it. Waited 2 weeks before a reply, yes it's booked. In 6 weeks.

Waited 6 weeks and went down the week before asking where I need to be for monday, they had no clue who I even was. Rebooked for the week after. Cancelled for couch training. Went the next week, couldn't book the car. Same the week next.

Who do I speak to about finally sorting this out? Because getting from one place to another on a regular basis is becoming a nightmare without a car.
Do they still have WRVS ladies on camps nowadays?

Go and cry into her ample bossom. She'll have the power to move mountains, especially if you tell her you are considering suicide.
Is Leconfield 'That' busy nowadays or is this more at local 'unit' level? i presume the latter,

CM has a valid point, top tip maximise your resources

(Edited for sarcasm)
Things have changed since I left. Had I went to see the Master Driver for a driving course, he'd've told me to 'Feck off' and go through my chain!!!
That's the thing, I've been through my chain. Arborfield deals with driver training, I was the only one not to get on it. I get to my unit and inform the driving staff and basically get chinned off every week.

@beemer - It's not the leccy course, it's Cat B! The one you're supposed to get before you go to your unit, let alone been here six months.
Do you need it for your job? I would suggest not having been in 2 and a half years why not do what the rest of us did and get driving lessons and pass your test on civvie street like most of us- just a suggestion!


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Nick a CAT D9. Drive it back to the tosser who is giving you a fuss about your Cat B. If you get any lip, push all the yellow levers forward.

Jesus. Young people today. No inititive, you know?

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