Driver Trade - which way at Sgt

Discussion in 'RLC' started by theonethatknows, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Simple question, when you reach Sgt and you have decided that you are now going to "stay in" and see your 22 years out, which way in the driver trade do you take: RQMS, Master Driver, Sgt Maj, MTWO etc..........

    I am interested to hear peoples veiws and their reasoning.
  2. Over at the next roundabout.
  3. Straight to the Admin's Sgts desk you are replacing to spend your time looking after idiots that dont turn up for duty, dental appointments or for the RSM's "mess cleaning up after a do" party. Then after that, find the soldiers on a Fri at midday, to replace the ones that didnt turn up for duty, wet nurse the newly arrived Tp comdr who has visions of leading your depleted troop (due to war, sick and famine (PAYD) ) on some OJAR crusade past the CO's office on a route march at 1230 on a Fri!! :frustrated:

    You'll wish you were back on the vehicle park in no time!
  4. Then get the SSM post as no other trade is capable of doing it apparently!!
  5. Loved MS164s cut on life and I have to be honest, prettey close to the truth. Of course dont forget that you will also automatically gain 10 kg in weight due to being virtually nailed to a desk looking after the admin cases like the youngster who's just bought a Vauxhall Astra for a cool 25 grand (list price 7 grand)! The simple act of cutting about used to keep you trim, now you have to go the extra mile to avoid becoming a wok smuggler!! Also the delights of mess bills is a classic especially when you been posted to uk on promotion bye bye loa hello gordon browns cosa nostra!! Enjoy.
  6. Simple, you do both the RQMS and MD's cse, then get promoted on the Rad ops' board before getting posted to UK as a master Chef. Who says the RLC are not diverse!
  7. but find yourself covering for the SSM!! Who because of manning issues is doing a 2 week stint on the gate...see, full circle back to where you started... :thumright:

    so it really does not matter what route you go... There is always somewhere to stag on!
  8. Marky,

    Couldn't have put it better myself....2 weeks Goldbeck site guard.....excellent