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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Gobby_Nig, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. First of all, congratulations to those selected on the WO1 Board today! :D
    Secondly, it is interesting to see that four quality individuals (all of whom I know personally) have been selected on the Driver Role to be appointed Master Driver's. :cry:
    Every one of those individuals would make a superb Regimental Sergeant Major and probably expected that job, rather than a MD selection.
    I find it ironic that not a single serving WO2 Master Driver in post has selected WO1. Is the quality not there? They didn't score high enough, simple as that.
    At long last, MCM Div have finally gone for quality soldiers from the Merit List rather than those qualified! :)

    Good luck to them all on the MD Course in the Spring of 2008!

    I am looking forward to being considered for a BCWO appointment after I get these coveralls off!! :oops:
  2. Congratulaions to all zweiundsiebzig of you.
  3. Sorry, got to disagree with you there. I cannot believe they will promote Sgt Maj who have no experience in an MD role to advise Bde MD's! This is a specialist area and only experience gained in the post can put you in a position to earn the respect as a subject matter expert, particualrly when working at Div level. Having seen the board, there are individuals selected for MD who I certainly don't feel have been promoted on their merit! I've seen how hard MDs work and the accountability and responsibilty they have, not to mention the high level of service writing they must attain. A hell of a lot more than that of a Sgt Maj. This is yet again the army's way of demotivating and demoralising the Senior ranks. Well done, the RLC!
  4. I totally agree with the statement that woz718 has made. It looks like WO2 MD’s have been sold down the river
  5. 2nd to that. Not taking away congratulations from the guys who have been selected, they will find it hard to advise MDs who are in post and have been so for a few years with operational and peace time experience.

    The promotion on the MD role from outside should be from SSgt to WO2, not above IMHO.
  6. Master Drivers!!!!

    Just how hard can it be to press 3 pedals and turn wheel whilst recognising a few traffic signs?

    On the positive side they make super families officer once commisioned!
  7. Fairly difficult judging by the debris on the road and the sudden recent appearance of various holes in hedges, barriers and buildings around here!

    But I exclude MDs from any such accusations, of course!

  8. Cuckooo Cuckooo Cuckoooo. Well done the royal corps!!!
  9. I know a lot of quality Master Drivers and more so the one just recently that was killed. Thanks for your comments, he was expecting to pick up on that board. RSM or MD does it matter, in this day and age!!! we all get screwed in the end, one way or another!!! Congratulations to those on the board. RIP Stevie Goldsmith. The RLC lost a top class Master Driver and a great friend to all that knew him.
  10. With selection now being done on "merit", will this be the end of WO2 MDs getting promoted, as the SSMs will be the ones scoring higher points on the boards. I only ask this because I know of some MDs out there who have worked some quality time and not picked up. I can understand selecting and promoting SSgt to WO2 on merit, thus stopping the crappy Staffy getting through, however WO2 to WO1 without having served through the "chain" is as SC stated...cuckoo!!!
  11. Baggy,

    Can you define what you mean by 'selected on merit'.

    Bit confused, how were they selected before - lucky dip?
  12. well done to all the drivers, so good uns on there
  13. It's no secret that some MDs were promoting only because they were the only ones trained, even very low scoring ones, thus unfair to other very good high quality Dvrs who scored considerably above them.
  14. Has anyone got a copy of the DVR results please
  15. It's on Army Net