Driver straining

Discussion in 'RLC' started by unclebink, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. Not a driver type myself but banging head against wall trying to get my blokes qualified to drive out the gate here in Germany!! SDC, fam trg, licensing, grandfather rights, is there any end to all this beaurocratic blx? Even worse, the guys arriving from DST are effing unuseable!! Does anyone for one second consider (or care) the impact that these new regs (lack of dvr quals) are having on us? Answers/solutions on a postcard pse.....
  2. I suspect the latter :?
  3. Well done you hit the nail on the head, "Qualified to drive out the gate"

    It may seem like Bol%$ but its whats required in order to ultimately protect blokes.

    SDC, Fam Trng, etc should be conducted in a logical order and yes is time consuming, but with a bit of Planning can be pulled off.

    Top tips,
    1. Bid early
    2. Anticipate
    3. Conduct your own refresher training
    4. Submit your gripes + observations to the chain of command and not Arrse
  4. 1. Bid early. ..Excellent idea. Hadn't thought of that!
    2. Anticipate... Done. Bids in, no qual'd/available instructors to conduct trg
    3. As above
    4. Done.

    RA...Can I assume you promote/make policy rather than comply with/implement it?
  5. Blink

    Please expand further on why the guys from DST are unuseable.

  6. Where is your MTO to advise, assist and guide on all of these issues? Get your Theatre Master Driver to help if all else fails. Their whole reason for being there is so you can get on with your job and they do the MT stuff. They do enough training to justify it!
  7. Being an old sweat. Can u please interpret for me
    I still instruct on Cars, LGV, PCV: So if you pay me enough I might come over and help.
  8. Thanks all. Gone are the days when a nig arrived fully qual'd to drive. The lads from DST are tipping up having completed licence acquisition though still require SDC and further fam on each eqpt. Trying to steer a REME sub unit where my tradesmen require licences for all vehicles they repair means they're unavailable for a considerable time on arrival.
  9. Thanks for the clarification

    I'm afraid this is all down to money. ATRA delivers that training that is demanded by LAND.

    Now, LAND could demand that ATRA deliver the highest qualified drivers from DST, this would cost more but unfortunately the ATRA is frankly broke. LAND will not pay for that level of training to be delivered from ATRA and therefore the compromise is reached - that compromise produces soldiers who are able to do "just enough"

    I think you'll start seeing more of this effect - that the ATRA will pass more and more training into the field army in order to push ATRA costs down. This is happening more as the training requirement being placed on the ATRA cannot be met by the current level of resourcing. To increase ATRA resourcing will cost LAND, or some other area of defence a significant amount of cash (and by cash read a tradeoff in capability!)