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Discussion in 'RLC' started by ally_tol3, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. i have just passed selection and i am going phase 1 training soon and moving onto become a driver radio opp?
    is it a good entertaining job?
  2. I have just completed over 23 years as a Driver Rad Op and enjoyed every minute of it, you get out what you put in so it is all up to you. Dont let anyone put you off saying my trade is better than the Rad Op Trade etc you will need to make your own mind up. IMHO great job and a good laugh.
  3. Rad Ops are an awesome bunch. Bright, yet modest and hard working, at RLC Units they invariably form close cohesive groups who do team building in style.

    A good choice, all the best for the years ahead.
  4. Although with bowman you wont get the rad ops that are barking mad after having their brains scrambled by years of listening to HF white noise how ever it is an excelant trade
  5. Higher pay band when you get to be a JNCO; you'll be the envy of all your Driver Trade peers. It's not a bad life.
  6. good to know i have made a good choice :D

    cheers for the replys
  7. you make them sound like a buch of gay hippies....

    good points..
    high band pay
    sit on two promotion boards
    on exercise sit in a rover with the engine running heater on sipping brews all day
    no stags in the rain freezin yer tits off
    did i mention the high band pay
    with bowman coming in you get to do loads of computer networking courses for free
    when you leave the army you should be able to get a very nice job in telecoms or IT sitting in the warm sipping brews all day
    did i mention the high band pay

    bad point
    drivers hate you.....

    if you can live with all the downsides go for it
  8. well done, but before you earn your hallowed flags you need to learn a few key phrases first...

    sorry boss i can't get comms due to:

    water table
    high ground to our west
    low-ground to our west
    wrong sort of antenna
    right sort of antenna but wrong sort of cable
    drivers hours
    etc etc

    all joking aside, the SNCOs and WOs in the trade are good guys!

    Baggy, please bite
  9. You forgot telling officers how to spell Crypto correctly :)
  10. Remember, everyone wants to be a Rad Op, all those who never made it will forever be jealous of the lucky few who earned the fabled crossed flags of valour.
  11. You're right i always did, but couldn't afford the drop in pay :D
  12. As a PetOp, i went to do some course in Leconsfield and got some crossed flags on my bored and went back to fuel. :D
  13. I seem to remember having crossed flags as well and an HGV1 licence and a sup spec qual prioir to being allowed on the B3 Pet Op cse......By my reckoning it's Pet Ops that are holding this Corps together.
  14. You're right qman, and you must be the keystone of that empire :worship:
  15. I remember the Rad Op's I worked with were always warm, dry and had a brew on.

    Excellent choice of career me thinks.