Driver/Port Operator Phase 2

Discussion in 'RLC' started by AshWright1982, May 17, 2013.

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  1. Hi, im stating phase 1 soon for a driver/port operator and was told by my careers office after i pass out i would do 11 weeks at leconfield then 11 weeks at marchwood. Although since the capita takeover etc, i have since been told on the army website and army jobs facebook page that i will be doing 9 weeks at HMS raleigh and then 14 weeks at leconfield? Im a bit confused now cos my office say they are right and so does the online office? Any help from someone who might have some sort of idea wud be much apprieciated.
  2. Cos & Wud
  3. Exactly. The level of education that will be gracing 17 P&M shortly is astounding.
    Standards have plummeted since my day......

    Bosun, swing the lamp.
  4. Oh dear silly boy can't spell because or would? Amazing, thanks for your help. If you are that bored I've got a good website for you to look at. It's called SPANKWIRE.
  5. Such a witty response, more please. You'll do well as a Port Op...
  6. Is it spelled correctly though? Enjoy yourself at Marchwood, a great posting. As a port op you will be joining a fragrant bunch with a history going back decades with a strong influence from dem scallys at Liverpool docks. Take lube, lots.

    And FFS lighten up!