Driver Phase 2

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Dave558, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Just done my BARB and now waiting for the phone call for my medical.
    I'm joining up as a Driver and know that Phase 2 is at Leconfield.

    I was wondering threw the 11 weeks of training are we allowed out on weekends? and can you go out on week days after a certain time?

  2. During basic training you are not permitted out of the camp during the first 6-7 weeks. After your long weekend you are allowed off the camp.

    Phase 2 is milder and you will be allowed off camp.

    I'd be more concerned about phase 1 than phase 2. ;)
  3. In phase 1 I wouldn't even bother going out at the evenings unless it's for a quick pop to tesco's or whatever you'll be far too busy and you cant take cars on phase 1 either
  4. you go to deepcut intill you start your phase two, there is a wait to go to lecci so be prepared to wait but get through phase 1.............