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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by fltpilot, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. Ok new LGV/PCV drivers have to take Initial CPC and those who have held a Licence longer take Periodic CPC of 35 hours training (x5 days of 7 hours or other training such as HIAB or ADR etc) every 5 years.
    Those who hold a licence need to do it before September 2014 & it lasts for 5 years.
    But should car drivers not have to take it as well?

    An example a friend passed his test at 17 in 1983 and since then has not probably looked at the highway code.
    A lot has changed in nearly 30 years!

    So should the CPC scheme be made compulsory for car drivers to?
    Instead of 35 hours say a 1 day course of 7 years?
    What do others think??
  2. Well it would make Arters happy and sad. He would have a decent income stream for the rest of his life. Though trying toi get all those car and bike licence holders through it would be a bloody nightmare. Its bad enough getting the HGV/PCV lot through it.
  3. Naw, we've got enough numpty LGV Drivers to contend with so don't try and add
    a few million car driving plonkers......and cods to being set up for life, I'm orft, I tell
    you, ORFT!
  4. 1 week more for me then its continental all the way. i know still got dcpc to do but easier life over on the other side of the ditch.
  5. I must warn any one that hasn't started the DCPC already, get your fingers out, the back log is massive and will not cope with all the LGV/PCV by Sept '14, therefore there will be a ll of drivers of the road!!!! As of Sept '14 NO DCPC MEANS NO LICENCE. On the up side there will be a lot of jobs going..

    You have been warned.....
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  6. daz

    daz LE

    Not quite true, No DCPC means no entitlement to undertake “Work” as a LGV driver – You’d still hold your licence post Sept 2014, however you’d only be able to drive LGV’s on a “not for hire and reward” basis if you fail to complete the DCPC
  7. Either way it still means get yourself squared away before Sept '14.

    You have to act NOW

    No DCPC= no work
  8. I run a small business (readymixed concrete supply) with 7 LGVs, there are seven of us who will have to take 5 days out of our lives to sit through this course and then every 5 years we will have to repeat the process. Who's paying for all this? me or the employees? How do I get get us all processed without affecting the day to day running of the company? I did my transport managers CPC twenty years ago (at Brompton Barracks, evening classes paid for by me) apparently that does not count, I still need to do this new driver CPC otherwise I will loose my LGV entitlement, again which I paid for. If I shut the firm down for 5 working days we will loose many thousands of £s and piss off customers who will go to my competitors (mostly large multinational companies who now employ eastern european drivers). IMHO driver CPC is yet another tax on business, my firm annually pays over £300k in various taxes, we were paying more when times were better. Plus we employ ten staff who have worked here between 5 and 10 years. Our fleet is very modern as we are near London and have to comply with the LEZ.
    As I mentioned above many similar drivers are from the EU, are they doing the full driver cpc? or do they turn up for a job with a foreign "ticket" and nod and a wink gets them the job.
    We have already spoken to an instructor for this course who will in exchange for cash cut huge corners off the course and get us all our ticket. So I suppose everyones a winner ish.
  9. Suggest you make sure that they have been approved and that they are registered by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT). Otherwise the training is worthless!
  10. I believe that UK is the last country in EU to implement it
  11. NO ONE can offer Driver CPC for £79.99 as they would make no money from it!
    Have a look here Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training | JAUPT for approved CPC companies/
    Whats you location as i would recommend the company i used 5 days for £400
  12. daz or arters will be your best bet for any advice on any training issues I reckon.

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  13. Do drivers in the army need to comply as well?
  14. Driver CPC has no exams to do!
    You attend each day and get a certificate at the end.
    The training company uploads your details after each day to DVLA(cost is £8.75)
    Do 5 days of training and you get your Driver Qualification Card.

    Initial Driver CPC is different and i know not a lot about it!!

    IF you drive for HM Forces you do not need DriverCPC.
    However for hire or reward ie getting paid for it in a civy company you do!
  15. Million and fltpilot thanks for the answers.

    What is the reason behind mil dvrs being exempt - we no longer have crown immunity to the law, and if it is law surely we should be complying.