Driver or Signals? Your View

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mennox, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. Well i got a choice at my unit (RE)to be a Driver, Signaller, Medic, Clerk or Chef.

    And to be honest the last 3 doesnt interest me one bit....but i am undecided on the Driver or Signals

    If there is any of you that are either of these that can give me pros and cons and view i would be greatly appreciated

  2. "Singals" - No

    "Sigaller" - No

    "Signals" - Maybe, unless spelling is involved!
  3. Mennox - be a medic, it's very good.
  4. sorry about spelling haha, at work so trying not to get noticed.

    Not sure i would be good as a Medic, possibly because of seeing alot of blood?

    Can someone give me an insight to it please?
  5. signaller - you have to drive as well but the job much more satisfying.
  6. If you haven't got an HGV, going driver might be a good bet.
  7. Mennox,

    check your PMs
  8. I was a signaller (not Royal Sigs) and still got my HGV (Cat C+E), something to do with driving rule changes and having to tow a trailer behind the FFR
  9. Landrover and trailer is a B + E licence - something which is causing units a drama as the younger lads walking in the door these days have a B licence but not B + E.
  10. Signaller = officer's brew bitch

    Medic = Pte Godfrey

    Driver = King of the Road.
  11. In my unit it was easier to get the lads on a Cat C course which gives you B+E anyway. It also covered us for driving the unit mini bus.

    oh, and go for sigs!
  12. Dilfor

    As a signaller you can make your PC/OC a brew, but he carries the spare battery - not a bad exchange in my books! :wink:
  13. If you have joined the RHQ Troop of 72 Engr Regt (V) then your choice can be limited! Point to note that everyone should be a Combat Engineer! Do you have Cat C already?
  14. However it doesnt anymore for those just getting their Cat C licence.
  15. The Regiment at Gateshead HQ is fairly new (6 month in fact) and they have 60 vacancies available, i've been told i can do any of the 5 i listed in original post, and like i mentioned im not sure between driver and signals.

    I only have a provisional licence atm, which im waiting to get back off DVLA, and the regiment has said that once i have passed my theory test then they will put my through my lessons and test anyway. If i went Driver then i will get my C & E Licence, otherwise its just normal car for the other trades.

    It would be great to get my HGV licence which is one of the things why id like to be a Driver, but then i want something more challenging like signals. One of the lasses that just transfered to the regiment told me that signals is a pain in the arse and bascially told me the cons side of it.

    Can anyone give me their pros and cons on driver and signals....and maybe medic too?

    Btw cheers Cunning, will look into that :)