Driver or port operator

Discussion in 'RLC' started by martync06, Feb 18, 2007.

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  1. I want to join logisitcs but i am not sure in which area, Should i go for the driver or port operator role?

    What are the pro's and con's of each job?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. The con with both of them is that they both have to be able to spell the name of their capbadge. LOL

    Seriously, they are entirely different trades. As a Driver you could expect to be posted pretty much anywhere to one of the big logistic support regiments or to a 3rd line transport regiment on the operational tour plot (lots of 6 month op tours then), whereas as a Port Op you would likely spend the bulk of your career based out of Marchwood and expect to deploy at short notice on short term (less than a month) trips to form part of port task groups. Massive generalisation but, Drivers tend to spend a lot of time maintaining vehicles (working 9 to 5), unless they are on the road that is, and Port Ops work their arrses off loading ships (any hours inc weekends). Probably.
  3. Go Pet Op the only way ahead
  4. Navigator - Its like the Navy, but without the G A Y ;-)
  5. Worked with a Navigator who was told he would not get promoted until the RLC got a new ship
  6. I live in southampton, so being a port operator in marchwood would mean being close to the wife and kids.
    But being a driver looks more fun (if that makes sense) seeing more of the world etc.
  7. You raise an important point here, MSI64. Each trade will have different career prospects (including that of promotion) depending on size and structure. Prospective recruits should note that, although it is often described as such, very few of the smaller trades have a traditional pyramid structure (where promotion prospects relate to natural wastage rates). Indeed, it is often the case where, for good structural reasons, there might be a pinch at the rank of, say, Sergeant, causing an unusually long average time at the rank of Corporal. The Seaman/Navigator trade is a slightly extreme example in that they are so small, promotional prospects are almost literally based on the principle of 'dead man's shoes' in that rank. Try and get hold of the stats (they are published from time to time (by DRLC or RLC MCM?)), to get an indication of historical trends. That said, a lot can happen in 22 and all it takes is a 'clever' decison at DRLC and the whole situation might change.
  8. Driver is tedious - unless you work as a No2/Driver in an EOD Troop.

    Drivers get fcuked about, and promotion is hit and miss.
  9. I am not biased in any way (as I am neither of the subject trades) but I reckon you'd have greater potential to see more of the world as a Port Op.
  10. Not sure about that. The driver trade, by virtue of its size (massive) and structure (triangular-ish) has one of the most stable average promotion rates in the Army.
  11. Pet Op has a perfect pyramid rank structure and also our hierachy WO are mostly on there last 5 years or so
    Pinch point trade so extra grand when you join and 700 I think when you pass your trade training.Trade training is at West Moors not far from Southampton.
  12. Are there many vacancies for port ops though?
  13. I wouldnt worry too much about vacancies. If you want it, you'll get it. They might try to get you to bend to a pinch point trade that is severely undermanned (like Pet Op) but I doubt that you'll find a trade that's too full to take you. Ulimately they should place you where it best suits you and the Service. I may be wrong, I'm not a recruiter.
  14. If your worried about wife and family, remember there are Army quarters and if you live in your own home then there is Get you home pay too.
  15. The wifes already said that she will come with me wherever i have to go so that wouldn't be a problem.
    It's a hard choice, as soon as i saw the recruitment dvd i was instantly drawn to "driver" but now i'm not so sure.