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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Steve_Fleming, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. Im due to start my phase 2 training as a driver at DST leconfield in a few days but ive been thinking of changing jobs to become a log spec. I was just looking for some advice or opinions on what to do, also what regiments are best to go for in both jobs
  2. You will be posted to a Regiment that is decided by Glasgow, not you. What do you prefer, working in a store or deploying outside the wire? You decide.
  3. Or stood on the vehicle park doing A jobs in the freezing cold or having a better equipment than the SAS QMs.
  4. Sensible answer:
    Driver is a good trade but if you've got the test scores and brain to go Log Spec then you should; the jobs are better and at the higher end very much more challenging and rewarding. There's also more 'interesting' roles as a Log Spec than in the MT world. Promotion is also better as a Log Spec. The driver trade seems to be stagnating a little where promotion is concerned as there's ******* millions of them.

    Just standby to have to filter through all the bollocks replies that will come thick and fast on this thread from the driver world though...there might be some good advice comes your way!

    Edit to add: Log Specs seem to get around a bit more non-RLC mainstream units within various Log Spec ties posts at first line. I reckon in the future this will become more common, especially on Ops. Drivers will tend to stay in LSRs or (what were) Tpt Regts as first line units tend to run their own MT.
  5. Log Spec, any **** can drive.
  6. If my experience was anything to go by then as a stacker you will spend a lot of time as a driver anyway
  7. Thanks for all the replies and advice