Driver/log spec postings??

Discussion in 'RLC' started by mark2904, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. could anyone give me some idea of where i could be based as a driver in the rlc and as a log spec? i know theres a few but my partner and son would like some idea of where we could be living, thanks
  2. Gutersloh in Germany or Abingdon in Oxfordshire are the 2 main ones that you will be highly likely to get a first posting to.
  3. thanks
  4. Or Hullavington in Wiltshire.

    Or in fact any unit a Log Spec is needed at first line.
  5. is there any way of finding out where the jobs can be based ? the army website tells me where the units and regiments are based but does not say which jobs are there
  6. Why? Theoretically you could serve in most places as a log spec (if a unit has a REME stores section that trade will be there), but as a recruit you'll generally go where the army says you will go so dont make any plans. As Abingdon has 2 and a bit loggie regiments and Gutersloh has 3 and a bit (for now) loggie regiments, the odds are you are going to one of them.
    It came to news to me (Via ARRSE) that phase one recruits get told where they are going before they finish basic training.
  7. fair point, just trying to get some info for my familys benfit to give them an idea where they could end up going, i understand that certain jobs have certain locations across europe and the uk and thought that could be the case with driver and log spec.
  8. Almost anywhere is the answer (although Gutersloh and Abingdon are the odds on favourites). You wont know for certain until close to the end off your basic training.

    You said partner in your first post, if you dont mean wife (or civil partner) and you dont have the intention of making them either in the near future, accommodation is going to be a pain in the arse as well.