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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by rp_uk_08, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. im going pirbright 9 march for basic training my job choice is driver linesman can anyone tell me what the job is like and is there alot of travelling oppertunities?
  2. Have a read of the trade title (drop the s by the way) and you may begin to see there will be many many opportunities for travel.
  3. You will have plenty of opportunities to travel, although as a liney you will no doubt be three sheets to the wind.
  4. is shit, dont bother with it, get a real trade.
  5. What so wrong with Driver Linesman? Don't you get to referee football matches?
  6. thought they canned this trade ages ago, and the just became royal signals drivers, might be wrong and they may of bought the trade back in
  7. Who knows, think they did, then didnt, but soon to be mixed with syores as some super comms sup spec.........WTF...Its a waist of time whatever happens..
  8. From those at the top of the hill, the new trade will be Driver Lineman Storeman. Let the fighting begin!
  9. I'm starting to think that none of you have ever been in the forces.

    First off, it's 'Liney'. And that is the end of the job title. Always has been, always will be.

    Just because it's got the word 'Driver' in the official title doesn't mean that you are going to go anywhere. You'll go where the Sigs are deployed. Postings happen just like any other. It just means that you get to sit infront of the steering wheel now and again. Just like a real grown up.

    Spelling 'waste' correctly is not a waste of time.

  10. You must have been a "liney" if you couldn't pick up the mickey taking of how the "driver" is going places in the earlier threads. Ho ho ho,,, do you still drink nitrate enriched liquids?

    :D :D :D :D :D
  11. Didn't get the subliminal message about spelling then?
  12. Didn't notice it until I had another read. Don't know if it were subliminal, certainly a bad typo on Atari's behalf.
  13. Its easy you just get posted somewhere become part of the small minded MT empire who due to lack of a trade to do just sit in the MT and fobbing everyone off with transport requests or giving out worktickets whilst building up your courses to compete on the RD rosta.
    Give it up while you still have a chance and become an operator or Electrician instead!
  14. Go on, do it, be a driver lineman, haven't got the balls, bet you don't!! gay boy.

    Ah another one for the Duty Driver :D
  15. The Driver Lineman will be combined with another Royal Signals Trade (Technical Supply Specialist) in Sept 2009 to form the new trade Driver Lineman Storeman. For you, this won't change much as the new trade will be pretty much trained exactly as the Driver Lineman was and employed in the Motor Transport side of life on first posting. It does open up some more opportunites for you later on though to be more widely employed in other logisitcs areas in the Corp. More posting and travel opportunites. There are Driver Lineman at most Royals Signals Units across the UK, Germany, Cyprus and on serving on operations.

    Good luck at Pirbright.