Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by kfcno1, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. How long will all my training take to complete? Wheres my first post likely to be? thanks
  2. 12 seconds and any were they need leaf sweapers........................get a real trade mate! thats the truth of it all,not being a cnut ...
  3. You haven't got a whining sister have you??
  4. Unless its the same person?
  5. aye i do. She's a politics student so let her off wi her whinging. Seriously lads where am i likely to go? Lineman dont seem too bad, least i can transfer out after my training if its utter bollocks.
  6. Not quite so easy...
  7. If you're really as clever as your sister claims, they might even let you re-trade - you could always ask the PSAO (if that's what they're still called) during the interview during basic training. There are two potential problems with this approach:

    1. The PSAO may not agree with your sister's assessment of your ability - you'll have to work hard to impress the training team and get good reports that would lead him to believe that you might be better off in another trade.

    2. The PSAO may have been a liney himself once and take umbrage at your desire to leave the trade before even joining it! However, you'll need to have the courage of your convictions if you want to do well.
  8. I forgot to add - it's a lot easier to change trades before you start trade (Phase 2) training, than after you have qualified.
  10. Are you a liney? With spelling like that I would say you are a fullscrew atleast.
  11. leeve the pour ladd alown. he spels alot beter than hallveg and heel bee a seenior sewn.