Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dj_simple, Jul 10, 2005.

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  1. Am thinking of transfering to be a driver lineman. Do you lads enjoy it? av a gud crack? what jobs do you do mostly? Just interested!
  2. Drive and lay line?? Just a thought.
  3. Depends how you view your career mate, as a driver lineman i've had a pretty good time,you see a bit of the world whilst out on detail as opposed to being stuck in a comcen or workshop, lineys bond far far better than fag ops or techs (which I have no doubt Yes_Sir! is) and you get a lot of driving qualls for civvi street if you play your cards right. Promotion isn't that bad up to full screw either, I done it in five years.
    However at the other end of the spectrum the pay is crap compared to fag ops /techs, you'll probably sit at the rank of full screw forever waiting for a sergeant to die so you can have his stripes and once you get there you are forced to go RD competing with far younger fag ops/techs who are to f***ing idle to go fos/yos.

    In summary being a driver/lineman is a great laugh, just don't ever expect to be RSM.
  4. i was under the impression that it is now called royal signals driver. I wasn't aware of any liney title anymore unless you can qualify two weeks at blandford as being a liney.

    If you wanna get paid more and socialise with the regiment as a whole and not your select few mt friends then i would advise you choose another trade.

    I have all the driving quals a driver has got but have the pleasure of being bracketed in the higher pay band.
  5. In response to the cockstand above me the basic course is now 4 weeks long and has been redesignated as "DRIVER LINEMAN"

    Well back in 2000 we were told "you lot are all drivers now so get shot of your belts and hand your tools back in"
    when exercise came around we were told to lay cable
    To which our Sgt replied "sorry we're all drivers now besides we have no tools"
    I believe his comments were repeated around the corps in other regiments.

    What cracks me up is that some fag ops still call themselves "RTG's" when none of them has touched a morse key for years!
  6. A. Lineys bond far far better than fag ops or techs

    They need to, anyone that has visited a line shack will tell you that they speak their own primitive language in there, so primitive in fact that no-one else understands them ;) :D

    B. And you get a lot of driving qualls for civvi street if you play your cards right.

    No more so than the rest of the Corps really apart from the obligatory "canner" (ADR) licence, the rest is freely available even for Techs.

    C. This in no way implies that i am a Tech either! :D far from it ;)
  7. 4 Weeks long. Says it all. Get a trade you can use in civ div later on.
  8. im a liney been in since 1991 ..its a shhit job...get a trade .
  9. All i want really is a good crack with the lads qualifications are just a bonus. i have heard that lineys are able to get quals in fibre opticsis thet hard to get?
  10. Think Installation Tech would be a better bet if you want to learn fibre
  11. iam a liney as you can tell, i joined in 1989/90 when it was combat lineman then the late 90's it changed to drive/lineman. I have all driver quals with haz mat instructors. I also have fibre optics, Cat 5 quals and anntena riggers and all civvi. But i've been very lucky to get these. When your a full screw to get to sgt you've got to get as many mil quals as you can.
  12. It's true that Drivers are on the lower pay band, but some could argue (not me though ;)) that, considering they are merely required to drive a vehicle around, they still get a pretty good wage. Meanwhile your 'fag ops' (as you so eloquently call them) actually need to engineer communication links. They still like to try and hang on to all that 'God's Trade' banter though. I'm sure you'd have a few choce expletives on that matter!

    Once you get to Sgt you're hardly forced to go RD. If you actually like being a liney, then you can work your ticket (pardon the pun) as an MT Sgt and get paid top dollar (back onto high pay band) while you rack up the civvy quals (driving instr, qualified testing officer, cat C+E, hazmat) for when you resettle. You only have to get involved in mil trg etc of you want to leave your beloved job as a liney to be an SSM or RSM. Fair play for the ones who are good enough, but it's hardly the liney birthright is it?

    Don't you think that the younger ops/techs etc who go RD are simply benefitting from the fact that they worked harder at school/were more intelligent/are smart enough to get involved early as career move rather than be forced into it when they're bored of driving? Not my opinion of course, but I'm sure there are those who would suggest it.

    Then finally, the best guys in the trade will always get through (with a few exceptions). The guys who identify the best career path early on, aim for the courses which will stand them in the best stead, apply for the postings like ATR and RSS with a bit of limelight and actually take an active part in their own careers will undoubtedly be the ones who get the promotion. Unfortunately, they'll always have some jealous eejit ready to snipe them in the back for being arrselickers or whatever other convenient handle they can use.


    p.s. Ptarmigan is dying out slowly but surely. Once it's replaced by Falcon then you won't be laying any line. Line is dead, long live the fibre. Go Installation Technician instead, you'll get more valuable experience for civvy-street
  13. I ejoyed reading the comments of Hairy arse they made me giggle and I agree with all you mentioned. I have just served 23 years and out now just........ I joined in 1981 as a combat lineman and have met some great guys over the years. I always called myself a Combat Lineman even when they changed the friggin name. Got my riggers course, Bike licence, ADR etc and did alot of fibre in Sarajevo without the training picked it up as I went along. All the trade over the years has got me a good job in civvie street in Afghanistan believe it or not as a Line Crew Chief for a Canadian company. So the moral of the story is Linnies do rule even in Civ Div so if you want to be a liney I suggest rather than that you go Installation tech as that is mostly what people require and we are doing here lots of Fibre termination and Copper installs 50 - 100 pair.

    All the best
    and Lineys do rule

  14. My arrse, Tazman. Im an ex op wont tell you which because Im sure Taz let you all know.
    Work outside in 42 degrees, pissed off about not having the right supplies.
    Or do next to nothing all day in AC office drinking brews and riding the tax free poney?!?!
    Oh and happy b'day Tazman, you eld feck!! see you in AF1
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