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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jamesharley, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. hi there ive heard bad things about driver lineman i know they were respected back in the day and ive done research about the regiment. im leaving for phase1 on july 13th and im not sure about my job choice? if anyone has any information for me please reply hopefully it will be positive! my dad was a liney in the 80s but i think alots changed since then! it implys on this site that if you are a liney your thick? which worries me because the main reason for me joining the army is to gain as many qualifacations as i can while im in the service.
  2. Come on, let's not exaggerate! Feared, loathed, pitied, scolded yes, but respected? Drinking pints of piss isn't really about respect. :lol:

    Seriously though, the Corps has big plans for Driver Linemen. They are apparently converging with the Technical Supply Specialist to form a new communications logistician trade called the Communications Support Specialist. It doesn't look particularly glamorous upon first inspection but to be honest there probably is the ability to rack up quite a few logistics qualifications, including the "driving big trucks" licences, buses, minibuses, forklifts, hazardous goods etc. Then the stores / supply quals, accounting stuff, health and safety quals and quite a few other good things.

    But --- it's still early in the day so maybe someone else on the site can advise what the "career development" plans are for the trade.
  3. As a serving liney - I would not join as one nowadays... If you can, go to IS Op or Installation Tech.
  4. ******* that, go Tele Mech, err do they still have them?
  5. Yes and they can now be called Tele Mechs again! Puffs :D 8) :p
  6. Er, do they? Didn't think they did - thought they were Inst techs now?
  7. They are

    I'm not sure you will be able to biff Driver Lineman and then go to pick another trade. I would go and see the ACIO and retract yourself until they allow you another trade.

    Good luck
  8. They can be called Tele Mechs again straight from the mouth of BIG TED himself!

  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Are you strong?
    How long are your arms?
  10. If you wish to become a liney you will require:

    1. a sense of humour

    2. a photo of your old school (so you can prove you knew where it was)

    3. a tolerance for ingesting other peoples vomit, p*ss, saliva (in quantity), sh*t and semen (lineys win hands down at soggy biscuit)

    As a liney there is only one qualification you need concern yourself with and that is your liney belt. Earned through excesses in no.3 and alcohol.

    Welcome as a potential valued member of our corps.
  11. Yeah right, none of that goes on these days and liney belts get handed out willy nilly (for becoming a class 2 FFS)

    The liney ethos is well and truly dead.
  12. They are Inst Techs, its just that there are a number of crusties within the trade that can't let go of "TeleMech". I remember a few years back there tubes refusing to go on courses to get them trained up on various bits of kit, on the grounds that they were "Mechs not Techs".

    Then again one of them decided not to sign up for ELCs....
  13. Refusing to soldier?!!! (swoon)
  14. Not really, they did everything they had to do, but htose little extras that oft come your way they ducked out of it.

    No matter, we filled the courses with lads who then went to Florida.....

    Cue "why are redarrses going to Florida?"

    "Er, because they are trained on the kit."

    "They need a class one to supervise".

    "Do you know how to xxxxxx on xxxxxxxx?"

    "No but I should supervise".

    "Jog on, d1ckhead".

    You could hear teh static, coming from the Mech Stores, IN FLORIDA when news of other little trips came about. :D

    Most of this group signed off with romantic notions of joining either the Fire Brigade, the Police or making £30-40k pa "doing fibre" :roll: