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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by RazSAFC, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. I would like opinions on this job i am 17 and off to Pirbright on the 16th Feb for phase 1.

    This was my second choice job with first been Specialist driver/operator in the RE which i couldnt get as there were no vacancies untill later in year or something... I haven't heard many positive things on here about lineys and seem to get the hint that people who go for this are thick? :S not the brightest but.. anyway someone please say positive things about this job / signals :)
  2. In the past when Lineys used to predominantly lay line, hauling the old Quad and 10 Pair up and down the hills of Northern Germany, they were respected, revered even feared. Hard men, strong and expected to get the job done in all weathers day and night. We may have taken the mick, but the respect was there.

    Nowadays however, they are used as drivers, packed off to various levels of MT and can go a whole career never seeing a length of line. They do try and put up a face of the old Liney ethos, playing up in the bar but sadly falling far short of how they used to be. A shadow of their former glory, which is sad. Some of them even argue the point, saying Lineys are just as 'bad' as they've always been, which is even sadder.

    Be a Driver Lineman if you wish, there are some good lads and lasses in the trade, but there are better driver trades in the army.
  3. is a shit trade.think fast about a new job spec.
  4. If you go for phase 1 on 16th Feb, I don't think you will be a Driver Binman, er Lineman.

    You are more likely to be the NEW trade that I can't remember the name of. It is a merger of the Technical Support Specialist AND the Driver Lineman.

    Lineys CURRENTLY mainly do driving. Anything up to C + E and D + E. You also get to do servicing and get a few spec quals such as ADR licences and other special licences dependant on location.

    You can also get various instructor quals such as driving instructor and ADR instructor.... handy for civvie street.

    Lineys very rarely lay line now adays.... it is still there job, but.

    Read up on the tech sup spec job too. THat is what you will also get a crack at doing, when you have a tape.

    So chances are by the time you have been in a while in the NEW trade you should be able to drive a variety of vehicles, fork lifts and hazmat. AND be qualified in stores accounting.

    Along the way you may pick up all manner of little titbits such as health and safety quals and the logisitics manager type stuff.

    Most of that will depend on you though.

    WARNING. Promotion in the Liney trade has been known to be overtaken by glaciers. However promotion in the TSS trade can be nippy. What will happen when the trades merge I wouldn't like to guess.

    To progress in the NEW trade, though, you will undoubtedly be expected to swap in and out of the DL and TSS roles. So if you don't fancy the TSS job, you may have to think again about your trade choice.

    If you don't mind me seizing on your "i am not the brightest" remark. I will guess from that, that you are not that academic but maybe quite practically minded.

    Driver Electricians (EDs) and Installation Technicians (Inst Techs) are similary quite practical trades, not sure on their educational requirements though