Driver Lineman Trade

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by js33, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. Hi all this is my first post on arrse so be gentle with my virgin hoop!

    Anyway Iam looking for info on this trade as ive looked through the very
    glossy Royal Signals career booklet (lots of nice pictures in there) and got a very brief description of what the trade requires.

    Before you say arrsepedia it (Ive already ckecked the youth of to day do use the their brains but seldom often) could someone tell me the pros and cons of this trade.

    thanks very much
  2. Good trade if you want driver qualifications, but tradewise a nono!!! Go for Inst tech if you can get it. Good quals for cabeling and fiber optics. If you want better, go for RS OP or even better, go for IS OP or SYS ENG TECH!!
  3. Thanks will look at those
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

  5. My bold.

    Is there such a trade anymore?

    I thought it was Super Douper (Have'nt got a clue what I'm doing) Comms OP. :D :D
  6. If you have the relevant quals then you can also try EWSO, electronice warfare systems operator.

    Once known as spec op. This trade is never mentioned by majority of the corp as they dont know we exist but for diversity best job in sigs.
  7. Pardon my ignorance but is Inst tech the new name for Smelly Necks?
  8. gary2000 could you give me info on ewso please
  9. Yep
  10. Be a Radio Op mate. Being able to say 'Nothing heard out' combined with the ability to change a Track in the dark will set you up for life. Honest ;-)
  11. My bold.

    Check my previous post.
  12. what part of the army is radio op in ?
  13. You can be a Radio Op in almost any Corps or unit.

    Rad Op in the Sigs now falls under the umbrella of Comms Op.
  14. Am I really that old??? Next you'll be telling me you don't use SLR's anymore....
  15. Yep :wink: