driver lineman posts at 18 sigs

im looking on doing the course in july next year (depending on the briefing course in april) is there any full screw dvr lineman slots in there mt
it'll be a bit hard to avoid. Its already happened.

18 Sig Regt has posts in all trades but I think you are specifically talking about SFC posts in 264.
Good luck on the course.
I'm at 18 Sigs genebay and we are desperatly short of Drv lineman. Wen need another 8 guys to fill the MT up to full manning! so get your request in now!
Im starting my basic training in Feb and my job choice is driver lineman storeman. What is this job like? Ive read mixed reviews including very negative stuff on it being a pointless trade and all they do is get pissed. Do you actualy do all 3 jobs mentioned as the PDF on army site says there is a chance to work with stores and cabling yet does not say this is deffinate. Thanks
mate my advice is, dont do it change your choice to either operator or tech ( cant belive i said that) but thats were the skills and money is. driver lineman has lost its ethos they give line belts out to anyone now and even storemen are getting them. and we dont just get pissed most MT's iv been too have been the fitist troops and hardest working, but we do it for nothing operators get the higher payband and sports afternoons, courses, and gucci trawles while we back on camp either doing LSI,ECI or even now BOO. so my advice mate is change while u have the chance.

P.S good luck on ur training
Jesus, I'm no spelling nazi, but reading that made my eyes bleed.

Seriously though, he's correct it is generally looked down on as the lowest trade in the Corps.

waits for incoming....
Thanks for your feedback. I spoke to my careers office who informed me due to the fact i have a high B grade i could end up pulling out of Feb slot and then possibly having to wait till next August for another trade. As ADSC could keep spitting out A grades and filling a certain trade im waiting for, i could end up waiting until next August which im not prepared to do. He did advise i could go to phase 1 and show interest in another trade and there could possibly be chance for me to move. Could you please advise me of possitive points of the job? When is the earliest you can get to lance corporal? Do you get many qualifacations for civy street?

Please only sensible answers - im bored of reading about how lineys can drink piss lol
i got my lcpl after 2 years then my cpl at my 7 year point so promotion is there but u will have to work for it and be eager to learn and try new thing even if they seem shit. do sports, courses and tours but an even amount of all and put 100% into everything u do.
Thanks for your help. Have you driven a large range of vehicles? How often do you get to do line work and store duties? Is the majority of driving done at night time?
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