Driver lineman Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Tomo9700, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi im due to be joining up soon..i did my barb test the other week and got my list of jobs to. looking through them none of them are in my interest really apart from dog trainer and Driver lineman. i was swinging more to the driver occupation but i just wanted some information on it.

    1. whats the job is actually like
    2. what does it involve
    3. how rewarding is it
    4. whats promotion like
    5.where are you likely to be posted

    anything would be good and it would be great to her from a driver lineman that is still serving first hand cheers!
  2. driver lineman is a crap trade. they get treat like shit and have a shit job with no quals.
    join the reme or the engineers! the signals is crap.
  3. How the fcuk would you know?

    Stop dribbling.
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    But generally are more intelligent than the last poster.

    Its hard work and sometimes quite shitty work. However the comradeship amongst liney's is second to none. Tend to be a bloody good bunch and for later job prospects cable laying, CAT 5 and fibre, for example, is reasonably well paid and if nothing else secure.

    Not a liney myself but knew a few.
  5. Was that aimed at me Ord?
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Not at all heid, the quoted thrapper, apologies for confusing things.
  7. No dramas mate, was just wondering.

    Obviously the poster has extensive knowledge of the Corps and their trades :roll:
  8. Liney is the incorrect term, it is Royal Signals Driver, with an element of line work.
    Your main role will be to work in an MT.
    Line laying, is pretty much defunct, with the exception of a few units.
    As was stated earlier, it depends on how you feel, you can of course give it a go, and if you don't like it, well then you can look at other options.
    What i would say, if you are clever enough; done well enough on your BARB test, you should look at going for the other trades within our corps. Better pay etc Supervisory role i.e. forman of signals, yeoman of signals etc. Do your research. Remember you will join the army as a civilian, and ultimately leave and once again be a civillian. Think on..
  9. Soon to be merged with 'Tech supply spec' to many a lineys dismay :evil:
  10. My info is old as I have been out just over 6 years, so check everything I say with current sources.

    Neither driver or lineman where good trades when seperate and seriously doubt the combined trade is better. Driver is self explanatory, linemen just laid and joined cable. Possibly fun when young but not good as a trade when leaving.

    The scaleys do have good trades that are directly transferable to civvy street. I doubt driver/lineman is one.

    You would almost certainly be better off (in the long run) getting a better scaley trade or consider the R.E. At least with the R.E. you can start with a basic trade/skill but add to that as you grow (at least you used to be able to).

    But you are human. What is right for you depends on you and there is no dead certain way to know. Just think hard and get as much information as you can on your options.

    Good luck.

    BTW. When I was in, the lineys where good lads and had a laugh together. It is just that their trade was not briliant when leaving for civilian life.
  11. Clearly a well-read, articulate individual who appears well qualified to provide well-informed, balanced and eloquent advice.

    You Prat!
  12. Looks like Driver and Technical Supply Specialist will soon be "as one" in the form of the Communication Support Specialist - CS Spec.

    I wonder if the broader terms of reference of the new trade might be a good thing in the long run. A holistic logistics approach is usually very effective in civvy organisations and I can't see any reason why it wouldn't offer wider career choices for our lads and lasses too. I know that people might say "well, we're not civvies, so the rules don't apply" but we already have too many areas of expertise that don't talk to each other!

    How about this hypothetical scenario? The new CS Spec evolves sufficiently to have its own supervisory manager - let's call him the RQ Tech for argument's sake :roll: . He takes on the equipment care role, leaving the FofS / TOT to concentrate on delivery of ICS. The spare "capacity" (in the FofS's workload) is used to take on IS (as it used to be prior to ADP Specs etc). Voila - we ditch the FofS IS. Result! :twisted:
  13. A great idea, it sounds sensible and efficient.

    Therefore unlikely to ever be implemented... :p
  14. cheers guys..but i got a few more questions what does the term scally mean? (to me its a lad with his pants in his socks drinkin cider outside the shop terrorising the elderly)

    and what do they mostly do when they leave..can they get jobs as cable layers or work with BT or something because ive been told its not bad pay with them because i would gladly do that as a job?

    and what is pay like transporting hazardous goods or hgv driving. thanks
  15. If you like drinking piss and eating shit sandwiches, then liney is the trade for you. Animals, the lot of them. lol. Why not try Inst Tech? More emphasis on trade and not the bone MT stuff. Promotion is tough beyond Cpl though.