driver in the RE

i am thinking of joining the royal engineers and selecting this as my trade. im just wondering if their is any current drivers or anyone could give a truthful opinion on this trade. cheers
you get to drive the section vehicle from A to B then when you get to B you cam it up and do engineering things.


Why would you want to pick this as a trade in the Corps when there is much more to offer? Pick yourself a decent artisan trade that will give you some quals for the future.
ok trade if you can get posted to chilwell as the drivers do absolutely feck all & everyone else does all the details that the civvies cannot cover. :x :x :x :x
They do SQMS type stuff on tour when attached to STRE (Wks). One got a QCVS or something along those lines last year for the work he did in Herrick with 524.
in all honesty (sorry RE brothers) but if all you want to be is a driver then go RLC, if you can think for yourself and are fit you'll fly!!

No offence to drivers and im sure that some love it however the majority hate it and really struggle to promote it...most other trades/units will get you your licences if thats your interest!!

if my choice was only driver i'd jump ship, fuk doing Gib for nothing!
Take the chance be an RE driver , I was in the bedford behind this one!!


not the best trade as i know been doing it for 16 years now, how ever we are reckoned to be probably the best trained and best qualified in the army, and promotion is ****.
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