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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Linso, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. Though it would be quality for all those ED's and Lineman out there to recall a few stories!!!!

    I have been out now for 2 years, but miss the old Gene Bay and the banter!

    I certainly remember the settee and the dart board in the Gene Bay in 212 Sig Sqn getting some hammer on those extended Naafi breaks. Awesome times!
    We used to get left alone when all the operators and techs got dicked left right and centre!

    Well, all you serving and ex Power men (And Doris's now) out there bang a few comments on here and lets tell it how it is!!!

    Lost a few good ones recently too, Brummis Baker and Ragi! Real characters.

    Laters and hope to hear from a few old boys and girls
  2. No serving or ex Ed's or liney's out there want to add any comments?
  3. Humm lets see if we can find the reason that no Lineys have posted on here?

    Liney + computer = Look at all the shiney flashing lights

    Liney + typing = Thats a handbags job.

    Liney + reading = Here mate waszat say?

    That is probably why there have been no replies. :twisted:

    Either that or the lineys are in the lineshack and pissed as normal.

    :) :)
  4. That is such a stereotypical reply ! Not all ED's or Linemen ,(myself a combat lineman), are thick as mud !
    I do think that this is where the Royal Corps lets itself down a bit, we are all in it, and as such, should be equally proud of it ?
    PS. As an ex DTG , yes I can type and read too !
  5. yeah you also bite like a good un. Whats wrong with a good bit of ribbin, I'm sure you've abused a good bunch of techs in your time.

    It's what makes the corps great
  6. Steven wrote:

    "Either that or the lineys are in the lineshack and pissed as normal."

    Clearly, you know me too well!
  7. See theres' your problem right there.

    Plastic liney :twisted:

    Hi Smallheathen, still alive then? I take it there was very little snow for your xmas or are you back in civilization at last?
  8. Ah...driving and alcohol, clearly a winning combination.
  9. Come April all our trades are dead man!! Might as well join the fecking int corps
  10. I must have missed something. What are you on about?
  11. :D
    Oh my memories of ED's are "the ones who could give light!" you always kept in with the ED's as they could supply mains, therefore give you light, heat, TV and a socket for your kettle.
    Also when the Genny went "grind, clank" as the new boy had not checked the oil in the 500w and it had ran dry... who did we call for...
    Each trade had their own value.. including a lone pioneer who was employed by an officer to hold on to a metal ladder to a box body when it was discovered to be live? (human earth spike)

    Nick Carter
  12. cut my teeth as an ED at 8 sigs TTS in 75 on the old 27 kva Petbow, the Perkins 10 KVA, the great and reliable 3 1/2s and of course the little 500watt gennies. Good old days. I remember going to 1 Div and being put in the battery store. One could only order the big 100 ah lighting batteries, perhaps one or two a year. I ordered 12 in one go. For some reason I moved back to Echo Troop sharpish and back to doing a proper ED job
  13. The 7.5 Gene's are still going strong (well sort of depending what ED you have on the det). The 500 watts are now used or were used for my trade training at 11 Sigs in 1996. Little f*ckers!!
    Mr Woodman retired a few years ago, and not too sure about Mr Green., he left a good few years ago now. Probably still gibbering on about HIS Gene's somewhere, nice old boy who always had something to say!!
  14. I seem to remember larry at 1 Div who went out on the officers promotion training and managed to electrocute the OC because he forgot to earth it. Because he then took at short holiday in the guardroom, I had to finish it. He he he, great to see the OC airborne. Also remember when they put the remote starting on the 10kva and we managed to convince Bonehead that you could bump-start at 10kva, and he believed it.
  15. Nice to see something about ED'S am due to leave soon so will be watching this site.Joined as A Combat Powerman Driver are there any left!Power to the Corps.