Driver CPC Deadline

If you drive for Hire or Reward you need CPC for all vehicles over 3.5 tons failure results in points or revoke of licence, this includes those who had a car licence before 1997 who have "grandfather" rights to drive up to 7.5 tons.

You also need a valid HGV/LGV medical, Digi Tacho Card and need to carry you're Driver CPC Card whilst driving.

All this has resulted in many drivers giving up after 45, the age of first medical since training.

You however do not need Driver CPC if driving certain vehicles including most Military vehicles.
Which is why I will no longer drive a goods vehicle. Taxation by stealth.
Lucky we dont need tacho either or the Army would be stuck without the lads forging the drivers hours.

But the MTWO or Brigade RLC Master Driver might check that you are keeping a records if not revoke of you're FMT600 as per JSP??? Just because you are a Military driver does not mean you can drive like an Eastern European!

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