Discussion in 'RLC' started by oscar7, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. do these guys be out on the field alot or is it more tent/telephone job?

    would they be attached to an infantry squad etc?
  2. A bit of both really, having been in varied roles, you could be as part of signals platoon doing infantry roles or even main stream RLC in tent so to speak, its ALOT more then telephone and tent as you put it.

    Antennas, ESM meaures, Data networking, Voice procedure, Deploying on all sorts of operations, on foot and wheeled or even track role to name afew.

    Lots of scope of quals, that could to lead to civi quals later on in life and and better pay in certain ranks.
  3. I know I've been out two years but this sounds like utter bowlacks.
  4. Hmmm.

    In my experience they tend to be more on the tent and brew kit side of soldiering, never, ever heard of an RLC Rad Op being part of an infantry squad. Or indeed part of sigs platoon doing infantry work apart from on simple infantry 'type' exercises that are run to try and build up soldiering skills.
  5. I'm an RLC Comms Spec (although I keep grandfather right to be called a 'Rad Op', and as such am still eligible on 2 promotion boards a year).

    We can, technically be deployed with ANY unit who uses Clansmen/now Bowman equipment. I have been on detachment with a company from 2 Para as their signallers were loaded onto a unit rapidly deployed to Macedonia.

    I have also been attached with AAC and during the invasion of Iraq, was called forward to relay the grids on behalf of an Artillery regt because there signallers were used as drop shots, due to lack of man power.

    Usually, you'll see Rad Ops/Comm Specs in the 9x9/box body, but we are versatile. Alot of Rad Ops work in REME lad's which are part of Infantry units. Also, those rad Ops who get the App Spec qual can work in ANY unit that has Bowman.

    And yes, Electronic Warfare (ECM, etc), antenna theory, installation, maintenance, cryptographic material, laying line, BATCO, VP etc are all parts of the job

    Thats why we're higher pay band.
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    Hey, you're not DRLC are you? Everywhere I post, you're there...
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  9. oscar 7,

    Have you thought about the Royal Signals?

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  11. Im waiting to find out next week if a cant start basic for driver comms spec in april, iv done a bit of research online about the job but can anyone else tell me abit more about it?

  12. 20 Years as a Rad Op and i still love it! (not sure my kidneys do though)
  13. 15 Years for me! and ditto! lol
  14. lol a little more info on what the job entails?
  15. Got my date for april 16th so definately anymore info on this job would be great, iv looked on the RLC site but there isnt really much info on anything?