driver / communication specialist

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by oscar7, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. can anyone tell me about driver / communication specialist job, iv passed selection last year and im looking for a job that im up to my eye balls in work and close to some action.

    im a woman so the infantry is out of the question. what is this job all about, when on an operation what kind of things would i be doing etc?

    iv searched for a thread that will help me here but i cant find it so i just made a new one :)
  2. try the CSO thread, thats the closest job we have to that, personally never heard of a driver communication specialist.......... maybe thats some RLC or ARTY thing, anyone else got any ideas ????
  3. Never heard of this trade in the Sigs. Are you sure you are going to signals?

    If you want action I would suggest Arty or Engineers though, rather than the Sigs. Unless the Sigs Dets in the Inf take women (still waiting out on that one).

    Thinking about it, is this the new Driver-Storeman amalgamation?

    oscar7 please describe what your job entails, cos you have me stumped :oops:
  4. I believe this is the future amalgam of Tech Sup Spec and Liney.
  5. Is Communications Specialist not in the Sappers under C3 Systems?
  6. Driver/Comms spec is the new name for RLC Driver/Rad Op
  7. sorry its MILITARY ENGINEER COMMUNICATIONS im looking at now, i cant find any real detail about what the job involves other than computers and radios etc.