Driver Communication Specialist/Logistic specialist SUPPLY

Discussion in 'RLC' started by catherine_r, May 23, 2010.

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  1. Which Job has more responsibility, With better career prospects and a more varied career?
  2. Thanks, any reason why?
  3. catherine_r, will you either shit or get off the pot.
  4. I got Logistic Specialist (Supply) as my 2nd choice and I absolutely hate it!
  5. Do us all a favour and fook off and join the AGC then, your drivel is seriously retarded, how the hell you have not been awarded the oxygen thief tag yet is beyond me!
  6. I wanted to be a driver and my recruiter said "nah you don't want to be a bog standard driver" you'll do this....just BS....
  7. I wouldn't worry too much about your career path, the minute the CDT team arrive you'll be packing your bags as you are obviously on smack :twisted:
  8. If I don't want to do this as a 2nd and 3rd choice then what shall i do? 2nd being Logistic specialist (SUPPLY) and 3rd being Driver Communication Specialist. I already had my 1st Interview
  9. I love this girl (or very well planned wah) not sure which one yet
  10. If it's a Wah it's hardly that funny, she would be a great Communication specialist though, she is constantly on send and not recieve!
  11. Are you on the same fooking planet woman :x
  12. Guys stop being horrible
  13. Ha, well done MODS. Catherine we are not being horrible you are being particualry bone hence the "Oxygen thief" tag.

    If you are joining the RLC don't forget to pack your sense of humour. If you don't have one speak to your RQMS and he'll demand it.........
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if she's related to Chubb.