Driver/communication specialist? (further information and posting details)

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Sammycfc, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. Good afternoon fellas,

    I'm just inquiring about the everyday purpose of this role and what it entails.When being attached to other regiments and units what do you get up to and what is asked of you? Do you get to experience the ''front line'' because I heard they repair and asses damage to the radios in the forward operating bases.

    Also what's the control over the regiments you are assigned to or is it the ''luck of the draw''?

    P.S. I have read as much as possible about the role on the internet, on the army site and the little army information booklets. I've got my final interview before my ADSC and would be grateful for P.O.V...

  2. If you like sitting in the back of a FFR trying to stay awake on radio stag it is the job for you. If you want to see action go infantry. As for fixing the kit most rad ops I know can change a cable and that is it.
  3. What's your trade mate? Because the people who love their trade are the best fellas to engage in an conversation about jobs etc.. By the way! my current first choice is CMT!
  4. The trade you do normally comes second to the lads that you serve with. I am a pet op. I spend my days stinking of f&l and filling jerry cans. If it wasn't for my mates I would go quiet mad.
  5. So what do you actually do fella? Do you get to drive the tankers which transports the oil? What do you do on tour?
  6. I fill jerry cans and store bulk fuels. Drivers drive the tankers. Sometimes I get to issue tubs of grease and cans of oil. That is my life on tour in a nutshell.
  7. That sounds horrible geeza. If you could re-apply what would you go in as mate?. I enjoy driving and I have gcse's do you think it would be a wise idea to put driver on the list? or RAC tank crewman?
  8. That is a question only you can ask yourself, drivers will get licences and maybe ADR. From what I have seen RAC spend a lot of there time looking after there panzers. It also depends on if you want to do 22 years or get out after 4. If I could do it all again it I would have started early and gone REME.
  9. Well i'm not looking to do a quick duty and after 4 years go back into civvy street! I work in construction at the moment as a junior civil engineer and I hate it genuinely! I have a daughter and a fiance so I'm not looking to be based abroad but I'm not going to cry if i'm placed in cyprus or germany.

    I work silly hours anyway and I gain nothing out of it except a decent wage but there only so much clubbing and shopping you can do before normal life starts to become stale in a way! Anyway how old was you when you started phase 1? and I think the driver sounds most appealing in a weird way! How quickly can they gain there fuel tanker license?

    P.S. What is a ADR?.. cheers for given me a hand
  10. ADR is the qualification you need to transport dangerous goods eg fuel and ammunition. If you go driver you may not get posted to a fuel Sqn. Your phase 2 can take up to a year if you have to wait for places to come up.
  11. ADR Licence
    Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

    Training is typically broken up into modules and your choices will depend on the type of job you do or want to do and what hazardous materials you will be transporting.

    • Core
    • Packages
    • Tanks
    • Class 2 – Gases
    • Class 3 – Flammable Liquids
    • Class 4 – Flammable Solids
    • Class 5 – Oxidising Agents
    • Class 6 – Toxic Substances
    • Class 8 – Corrosives
    • Class 9 – Miscellaneous
    Please note: Class 1 – Explosives and Class 7 – Radioactives are generally run as separate modules and not included in the typical ADR training.

    At the end of your training you will have to successfully complete an examination set and marked by the Qualifications Authority covering the modules and classes you require. The exams are in multiple choice format and you will need to get a pass of 70%. If you do fail a module then you will only be required to resit that particular one and not repeat all of them.

    Licence is valid for 5 years and must be renewed by undertaking a refresher course during the 4th year.
  12. Sammy, please dont bother with Driver Com spec or whatever it is these days. Like its been said occasionally, and i mean occasionally you get to sit in a overcrowded back end of a Land Rover and speak to people which then ends up using your Unlimited Txt on *******(insert Mob phone company)! When i say occasionally, it means unless your warned for Ops, then Exercises are few and far between.
    You wont go to a FOB and fix radios. So if you want to go to the "frontline" then choose something else. Go for a proper trade like REME or Engineers which is probably down your street seeing as what you have been doing. Forget about Tanker Driving also, its another occasional job which you wont do enough. And besides the tankers are crap to drive so you dont even get enjoyment from that.
    And as for Pet Salad blokey said, you issue tubs of grease on Ops, unless i choose you to man a FOB fuel installation for 6 months where you will then curse me for putting you with ********(insert a Inf Regt that hates RLC) who put you on stag 3 times a day for the whole tour and then ask you to drive the Units tanker ("you work with fuel so you must be able to drive it!") on a IRG and get blown up.
  13. You sound as if you have a life already, you don't want to be languishing at private for years if you're capable of applying yourself to a trade that requires more of you but also rewards.

    Look at the tech trades. If you're keen on the RLC/Logistics angle then it's Ammo Tech. Otherwise it's R Sigs or REME.
  14. Are you a driver my friend? Thanks for your insight mate and info!