driver comms spec duties on tour

Discussion in 'RLC' started by globe, Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. Hello

    I would like some help in regards who to approach to be mobilised. I am due to complete a class 3 comms spec course up at Grantham for TA personnel.

    1)My question pertains to who i can mobilise with, can i mobilise with any unit that needs drivers, comms spec or both driver/comms specs or am i limited to mobilise only with logistic support regiments?

    Is it possible to be mobilised with infantry units as a RLC driver/comms spec or is that not feasible.

    2)Also what do driver/comms spec do on ops, i understand their need on combat logistic patrols for force protection and also get attached to REME for comms but is there anything else they possibly do on ops or other units to be attached to?

    3)If that all falls through, if i deploy as a driver with a medical regiment as an ambulance driver are they only based in Bastion behind the wire?

  2. You won't be going anywhere as a class 3 Comm Spec, which is exactly what Sgt H will tell you on the day you finish the course. Trust me, I've done it and been told that.

    Go and do your class III driver. You'll be more employable for whatever cake and arse party we are next involved in.

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  3. Thanks for the heads up, i am going to speak to the psi asap. Can i be attached to any arms with a class 3 qualification e.g. infantry or do i have to wait until i am a class 2 to be mobilised?

  4. You need to be class 1, but the class 1 course still isn't signed off. So, most likely you aren't going anywhere to stag on a radio soon.

    Class 2 is in house, which if you're like me, is near impossible to complete, due to lack of equipment at the unit.

    You'd be, as I say, better doing Drv class III first and jacking the comms, because if you do it your stuck with it. I'm trying to ditch the comms and concentrate on the driving "trade", but its not happening.

    Caveat: this is based on what TA wannabe sig(worse name than me on here!) were told on the final day of out course two years ago.

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  5. Apologies, the above question that i previously posted is in regards to deploying as a class 3 driver, i should have made that clearer.

    You are right about the driver/comms spec role and i am kind of being put off by the facts you mentioned above.

    But can you deploy as a class 3 driver attached to a logistic support regiment or infantry?

    In respect to your situation, why is your unit not being helpful in allowing to re-role? I would think the more bods trained up the better the situation for the unit.

  6. I have both trades. Ones just an albatross.

    You should be able to deploy as a class III, the reality is that in the case of Herrick you've missed the boat, as have I apparently, unless something changes in the next 18mths.

    There will be another one along in while. ;-)

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  7. If you are after Class 3 driver course then it should go through your Brigade Delta Driver or if you don't know who that is go through your MTWO, or Brigade Master Driver. If it's Driver Class 1 course you are after, then that comes to my desk at CD CSS Log Trg Pol, does not matter whether Regular or Reserve, there are plenty of places on the Driver Upgrade Class 1 courses. I'm 'Civ Div' later this year but my successor is already in place to carry on the role.
  8. Does everyone mobilised do a Driver Upgrade Class 1 course?

    What in all honesty is the likelihood of being mobilised so late in the game in respect to Herrick?

  9. Not quite sure what comms spastics do on tour, but once saw a female one on Telic 1 sunbathing with a large collection of flies buzzing around her fanny. Fooking minging.