driver / comms aka Rad operator

Discussion in 'RLC' started by cjwilson123, May 19, 2010.

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  1. Just wondering what the job role is out in afghanistan? Doesn't really give much info on the Driver / comms info sheet.

  2. driver, mainly
  3. I'll give you a clue, driving and communicating! It's in the title.

    Watch Road Warriors for more Info........
  4. Is it a good job?
  5. Depends if you like driving and communicating.
  6. If you are in Barnsley pop in to 219 Sqn or ring 01302 310772. If you can make it to Leeds 217 Tpt Sqn are running a recruiting open night 1930hrs on the 9th of June where you will get hands on with the kit and meet lads who are already qualified comms specs.

    219 are in Doncaster. Both are TA but will give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to join as TA or Regular.
  7. Thanks for your help, i will do just that!
  8. Not that much with only about 5% of trade deployed....
  9. I passed my Interview! Got to do my Pre ADSC in July then I am on to my ADSC after that. 1st and Final Choice Driver/ Communication Specialist! No going back now!
  10. well done, finally you have made a clear choice. now stick with it and don't look back, this is the start of many good things to come..
  11. Drivers are known as Trogs.
    Log Specs are known as Stackers (or F@cking Stackers!)
    Pioneers are known as Chunkys.
    Comms Specs (Rad Ops) are known as Fisters........oh well Catherine!

  12. Since when were pioneers part of the RLC...............
  13. If I may say, I think you have mad an excellent choice (as far as the rest of us are concerned) and you will fit in wonderfully as a loggie :wink:
  14. Passed my Interview 3 today. Going for Driver/Communication Specialist. Any of you that are willing to help me with some advice I would be gratefull. Drop us a PM if you get chance...I goy me pre ADSC on July 8th
  15. The pioneers have been part of the RLC since day one!! Previous to the RLC forming, they were often found filling jerrycans at Westmoors.