Driver B3 to B2 Upgrade Book

Discussion in 'RLC' started by the_wolf, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. Someones asked me if i can get a hold of one of these for them, i think its properly called an RoA or something like that. I aint got a scooby so can anyone help, ive had a good look through t'intranet but nothings come up
  2. Contact MT/Dvr Trg Cell or your Bde MD.
  3. You need a whole book for this? Kicking a wheel and whacking the battery with a spanner needs a whole book?

  4. BPS tut tut. Your lack of knowledge of the Dvr trade astounds me! Did you learn nothing in Germany?

    Its not all kicking wheels and blowing up batteries you know!

    Painting windscreens / losing keys / losing your licence by D and D at 18 Yrs old.

    The book is full of them! It's not easy being a Class 2 Dvr....
  5. Surely those things that you speak of, are in fact Class 3 qualification? I know Class 1 involves other subjects like "dropping your licence into the tanks of a BFCV" and "watching the wheel off your trailer overtake you at 50mph on the M27" but D&D etc is relatively simple stuff. Even some of our Pet Mongs have managed to master it and I distinctly remember filling up the coolant tank on a Bedford MK with some of the finest OMD80 that the army had to offer. I still have the imprint of a full screws boot on my arrse to prove that I had passed the TO.
  6. And to prove it i have a picture of BISSPISS in the driving seat of a UST!!!!!
  7. The class 2 qual also includes:

    -Dipping your fuel tank with a large chunk of wood before dropping it inside.

    -Filling your B/Ford MJ steering box up with grease.

    -Filling the engine with oil, right up to the ******* rocker cover then starting it.

    -Getting to a nice looking service station before removing and throwing away your gearbox fuse and claiming to have broken down.

    -Putting on your driver's hours sheet that you were working all night because you couldn't sleep.

    -Putting a DROPS on a 1.5T axle stand.

    -Driving over your rifle crushing it horribly, before sheepishly approaching the fitter truck and enquiring after an Armourer

    More advanced candidates may also attempt:

    -Sneaking into work and sabotaging your own vehicle the day prior to the exercise starting.

    -Advanced lying; this module is designed to improve the VM's fault finding skills by completely fabricating the circumstances of the fault occuring.
  8. What about jumping in a DAF and not bothering to wait till the air builds up so you pull off, realise youve no brakes and ultimately hit a wall/car/horse.

    Does that count?
  9. I would love to see that seen as they're fitted with failsafe brakes.
  10. News to me. Weve got a dent in the wall where that apparently happened
  11. You're probably thinking of the Bedford MJ which is fitted with a mechanical handbrake and air over hydraulic service brake. This allows you to drive off without the air being built up and causes a much reduced braking effort.
  12. I've just made a mess in my pants!!!!