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Hi Guys

Ok for the first time in my life i am having to write a CV, i am hoping to land a job in a transport office near me and i have to apply by sending my CV.

I am currently at the qualifications part and appart from the obvious i cant for the life of my think what the hell i did all those years ago at leconsfield!

My "Red Book" as gone walk about so cant even look at that, if there is anyone here that can help it would be appreciated :)

Courses done B3, B2, B1, DDI, JMQC, LPC,

Thanks in advance

PS I was RCT/RLC Driver trade if you havent already guessed
i said appart from the obvious lol, but yeah your right mate!

Do you mean ARMY FORM B 6335 (Revised 1981)



Having passed the necessary examinations and with practical experience the above is qualified to Class............. Standard and in the Rank of ..........

SCOPE OF EMPLOYMENT; A driver tested to the standards required by the Road Traffic Act currently in force for DOT Driving Licence Part V, HGV Class 3, 2 or 1. Able to drive efficiently by day and night on roads or cross country. Able to carry out routine servicing. As an NCO has additional supervisory responsibilities according to rank.

Class 3 Standard

A capable driver holding a minimum of a Part V (HGV) Licence Class 3. He may in addition be qualified to HGV2 Standard depending on the role of the unit in which he is serving. Understands safe loading methods and the effects of loads on steering and braking. Has an elementary knowledge of vehicle recovery and towing. Has practical experience of map reading. Knows the action to combat fire in his vehicle.

If a Lance Corporal is responsible for detailing driver tasks and supervising servicing.

Class Two Standard

As for Class 3 but in addition must hold Part V (HGV) Licence Class 2 and is cale of driving a number of different types of vehicles. Has greater experience of towing both vehicles and trailers. Able to operate a winch, self loading crane or other mechanical handling equipment found in his unit. Can recover a heavy vehicle using a rigid tow bar, wire rope, or winch.

If a Corporal he commands a sectionof 4 to 6 vehicles and is responsible for vehicle servicing and documentation and fordetailing drivers to their tasks within his section.

Class One Standard

As for Class 2 but in addition is highly experienced of driving any type of logistic vehicle in service, given the barest minimum of familiaristion training. Has a good working knowledge of general mechanical principles; is able to carry out normal running adjustments and able to assist a mechanic in replacing minor assemblies. Able to service vehicles and take charge of the unit servicing team. Able to carry out a route reconnaissance and report accurately thereon.

If a Sergeant or Staff Sergeant he is responsible for up to 22 vehicles, their day to day administration and that of their drivers. He control; transport details, plans routes and instructs drivers in their duties, vehicle servicing and documentation.

The above will need up dating to reflect change of driving licences classes and addition skills etc.
So basically a partially trained chimp could do the job?

I retract that last comment, they already are.
In that case i should get loads of trade pay!!
Class 3 Supply Specialist
Adv Pet Op
Class 1 Driver (looking at what they do!).

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