Driver/Air Despatcher

Discussion in 'RLC' started by catherine_r, May 28, 2010.

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  1. Please could anyone tell me about this role? Does it have good promotion prospects? And are there any Driver/Air Despatchers out there that could tell me about this job? I'm thinking of doing it..
  2. Catherine,

    If I were you I would fook off and join the police force! :police: You have asked that many questions about which cap badge, which trade, which Corps, you would do well as a police interrogator.

    My nephew is currently joining up. He didn't ask me (or ARRSE) 8 million quetions about different roles or jobs in the Army; that's what the Recruiting SNCO is for. He simply did the BARB test and put his 3 choices down.

    The only bit of advice that I gave him when he asked me 'Uncle Gobby Nig, what trade shall I do?' (which I also give to you now), was; 'Don't be a Stacker lad, I'll have to disown you'.

    Now to the question: Air Dispatchers are an elite crew, good job, not easy to get into and pass the course. Promotion is slow, but not as slow as Port Op.

    By the way, are you the blonde one in the picture? Bang Tidy!! :hump:
  3. I wonder if there's much point in keeping the Barnsley ACIO open any more.....................
  4. Put up some piccies of you (open gash shots of course) I'll answwer any question you have! :p
  5. Who? Me?

    I've often been called 'Gash'.
  6. FFS Catherine,
    Do you have a fella? He must be rippin his f*ckin hair out......
  7. Yes it's me, thanks for the compliments x
  8. Right, just for the record.

    We have two birds already and that my lad is two too many.
    go be a mover. :evil:
  9. That's good for the E & D stats; are they both from the Greek Island of Lesbos? :boogie:
  10. one is.

    the others a nig and as such an unknown. :policeflat:
  11. Welcome to the unreconstructed trade of AD - still stuck in their own little time warp.
  12. What does the job of Driver/Air Despatcher involve? (Apart from Driving and Air Despatching!) which I must say I find the 2 linked together very confusing!
  13. Seems the bait was not bitten!
  15. No one else can chuck stuff out of a plane? :p