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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by GasRam_CMT, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of Sergeant Mark Stansfield who died yesterday, Friday 21 September 2007 in the UK, from injuries sustained in Iraq last week.

    Taken from Def Net


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  2. RIP.

    My thoughts are with his friends and family.
  3. RIP. This one is personal; he was a relative of my civilain employer.
  4. RIP mate.
  5. RIP

    My condolences to friends and family.

  6. RIP.

  7. RIP, another sad loss :cry:
  8. RIP mate.
  9. RIP, you've earnt it.
  10. RIP fella.

    We Will Remember Them.
  11. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    RIP. Personal - have served with him.
  12. Rest In Peace