BornSlippy said:
In the kit list it says a head torce is a useful extra, is this really necessary? I have an 80 lumen torch, would this not do for basic training?
No, they like to throw in the odd piece of kit for a laugh. Don't worry about it, like the polish you can do without it.
armr617 said:
that 80 lumens torch should ensure a sound beasting the first time its used in the field. :mrgreen:

get a petzl headtorch with either the flip up or slide red filter. tactica is the slide one

you will be surprised how little light you actually need when its dark, and by using red you wont be so obvious or ruin your night vision.
And if you put on the strobe mode you can double up as KIT from Knight Rider.


Remember to take it off when putting your tin lid on though. It's a bit of a squeeze otherwise.
Griffinthe2nd said:
More importantly, have you decided whether or not to take your DS yet?
Just take the front plate out of your body armour - hey presto! a convenient Nintendo DS pocket, perfect for those extended D+V Portaloo visits.

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