Drive Through Medical Centers

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Scally, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. After spending over a year and a half in Gutersloh, I am shocked at the amount of soldiers who, for the slightest excuse will go sick or seek the audience of a padre. I have decided that the problem is so huge that the army should invest in drive through medical centers and churches, this might allow the staff in those departments the time to cope with the demands placed on them, hopefully allowing the genuine cases a chance to be seen.

    In one department they have five Jamaicans who have over the last month have been placed on light duties because of cold weather injures, pending downgrading. The fact that they haven’t been anywhere cold since October 06, and they work in the warmest department on the camp does not seem to matter. If I was a doctor I would be asking the question “What are you trying to get out of ?” Especially as the same people all want to re-trade to the postal service, but to do this they need to be FE. So they go back to the doctor, amazingly they come back to work FE. Any ALARM BELLS ringing in the Doctors head yet?……NO!

    What is going on, why should the genuine hard working soldiers be made to work harder to cover the useless idiots? I firstly thought the problem arrived from the soldiers. Now I realize it begins with the Doctors and padres. Stop giving away Biff Chits like confetti, start-investigating cases more. Phone line managers, ask question. Are you going on exercise? What PT do you have today? Padres, I am sure you even get fed up with stupid moans and groans. Tell them to “grow up, you’re an adult now take responsibility for your actions.”

    Now people are on about unions, how many more organizations do we need for people to give bull to. Is this the same across the forces world now?
  2. I work for an ARTD establishment and a number of students are turning up for Phase 2 and re-trade with Biff chits excusing them from physical activity. When informed of the course criteria and RTU policy 10 out 10 students said "I'll get the chit changed".........Qmans survey says...... ERGH URGH! 'Oh the injustice of it all!' 'Some bast**d put it in black and white and now i'm on my way back to where I's just not fair!'

    Don't blame the Doctors though. In todays sub- culture of claim and counter claim they are only popping brollies. You can do something about it though and the best course of action is to find a reason (medically) to exclude them from all normal activity or get friendly with a doctor and get them to excuse them from driving etc (then remove their car keys) it might mean more work for you but it will get the message across. If they can't carry out normal activity then find them sedentary duties of such a nature that they will be screaming to get back to what they should be doing and here's the killer once they get back to being FE keep them on the sh*t jobs. they'll catch yer drift.
  3. i have found over the last few years, that if a soldier gets a chit to say he is excused driving, then get the phone number of his insurance company, give them a ring, this will result in 2 things, firstly they will cancel his insurance while he is sick and secondly this will allow you to remove his car from camp.
  4. i have found over the last few years, that if a soldier gets a chit to say he is excused driving, then get the phone number of his insurance company, give them a ring, this will result in 2 things, firstly they will cancel his insurance while he is sick and secondly this will allow you to remove his car from camp.
  5. Utter (and I do mean utter) Genius. That one is going on a mental note to self.

    The other bugbear I have is 'Soldiers' dictating what they want on their Chits of Biffedness. I have even had doctors ringing me up stating that although the soldier is excused heavy lifting he should still be capable of completing a Training Objective involving the hump and dump of 50-80kgs and can we keep him on the course.

    Our survey says.........ERGH URGH! RTU!
  6. having had many dealings with soldier who try to buck the system, you need to get the Med centre on side, take with you Trg Objectives/Job Describtions, then invite the Doc/Nurse to show them the work soldiers will be carrying out, this has been very good for me in past. Many Docs only know what the lazy bastards tell them, if the lazy idle bastards try to get of exercise/work with cold weather injuries, ask them what they have done for themselves, do the stay in thier rooms after work if its cold, or are they still going out in non cold weather footwear/clothing, if so then surely they are disobeying the medical officer/doctor.

    Answer AGAI their ass'es
  7. Like the ideas you have put across. Especially the Job Description one. I shall try and see the big doc tomorrow.
  8. .....Yeah I see that one cancel his car insurance so some b*ard at gutersloh can key it, that'l go down well.

  9. Its good to see that you put forward some really cool advice here.... I got a good idea!
    why dont you start up some kind of "padre's hour" type class, that offers up advice and direction to the soldiers that are not only wasting doctors time, but putting a heavier work load on the rest of the department in which they work.
    You know, the type comment you have made above, you could inform the soldiers that if their troop Admin Sgt tries to get your insurance cancelled until your fit enough to drive then put a little scratch down your own car, try and claim and blame it all on him when you get nothing! :thumright:

    In a former unit we used to have a female that had back problems, she couldnt do driving details in a Landrover due to the heavy clutch hurting her back, however she could dance the night away in the local clubs and bars... she could even drive her own civvy car the 3 hour journey home on leave. She basically dictated what she could or couldnt do.

    The rest of the troop suffered because of this one individual.

    Try giving some soloutions to the problem solvers instead of the problem makers and you might find soldiers stop trying their luck....

    In the case mentioned above, I spoke to an outstanding Military Doctor who informed me of the correct course of action to be taken.

    Malingering is what she eventually got done for! :blowkiss:
  10. well said Marky, its knobs like desktop, that are happy to sit back take the money and not complain or say anything to his soldiers because "he wants to be everyones mate"

    However he's one of these people who say "it was'nt like this when i joined up, theres no respect, its the commonwealths, it too PC"

    One word DeskTop----Integrity.

    If you have this, then there should never be any problems
  11. Whatever, go around pushing your nose into soldiers own financial area's (love to see the data protection act brought up), could try moving the car to a compound locked up and key removed, for the purpose of using the camp as a car park, but to go around using bullying tactic's is one thing that gets my goat.. :pissedoff: :pissedoff:

    So you both had better have a think about the way you handle things.
  12. So errrrrrmmmm... let me just get this right!!!

    You think informing a soldiers insurance company that the soldier has been classed as "Medically unfit to drive" a bullying tactic. However you think its ok to remove the soldiers car and place into a secure compound and confiscate his keys?

    Are you deficient?

    What really gets my goat up is, people that go around using Phrases like...
    "That's bullying" or "That's racist" all to eagerly!
  13. Whats do you call this then ? so he cannot drive due to a medical reason so lets screw him, of course has to be Everyone who cannot drive !Yes!

    Insurance companies insure car parked up, as I hope u are aware, so to cancel it whist its owner cannot drive it, is nuts !
  14. Oi mensa, go speak to an insurance company, they will still insure your car if you are medically unfit to drive it... but gues what, Ya just aint insured to drive it....God us bullies are soooo bad!
  15. Firstly why should we provide a locked secure compound to prevent those that are unable to drive through sickness a safe haven for their car.

    This will firstly open up a new line of attack for the ambulance chasers among us, claiming their car was damaged while in the care of said locked compound.

    It will also provide the camp with a new spare parts source.

    Why should troop staff bother themselves with chasing up insurance companies when it is surely easier to prevent at source.

    Troop SNCO should remove the car keys from the individual and ban the car from leaving camp, although difficult to police in garrisons such as Gutersloh and others of that size, Troop staff should ensure that rules that they set are enforced.

    If a soldier is medically unfit to drive sure it is the 'duty of care' of their troop staff to ensure that they don't drive, In my eyes this is not bullying and every soldier should be treated the same regardless of rank or position.