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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Charleyrogue, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. I swear far too much. I get it from my mum who shouts at me to stop swearing then when the news comes on, she starts calling Gordon Brown an f-tard...not really sure where she learnt it, but hey :)
  2. HAHA- my parents do the same!!! Although it's more of a f- head instead.LMAO! F-tard...that's a new one, i may just have to pass that on. Cheers :)
  3. Bless her. She nearly belted me the other day. She was talking to a friend of hers and said "Oh, so and so is acting like a right See You Next Tuesday" and me, being me without thinking, said it properly and her face dropped! Her mate fell off her chair laughing :)
  4. The lads I work with are pansy footballers so I'm just like 'Lads, go grow some!!' I think it's good to be a bit ballsy, we need to hold our own and I've found in the past that the more banter you're prepared to get involved in the more fun life is :D

    I think I've only slipped up on the swearing front twice infront of the parents...I work with Kids so I've got bloody good at censoring myself!
  5. Haha C U Next Tuesday is what me and the guys at work use when there are kids about!
  6. Yeah, you do need to be able to hold your own with blokes. Most of my mates are male but a slightly different breed as we are all comic nerds. I usually get friends of my friends trying to freak me out with gross homour and language and are very shocked when I give it back with ease :) I think that's because I am a little on the titchy side
  7. I think blokes are like kids...they test the boundaries to find out how much you can take. If you're prepared to take the lot it's like 'Much respect!' Bless there cottons...they're simple beings really when you think about it!
  8. Aren't they just :) Poor simple creatures. Good thing they have us to look after them
  9. I wish i had men in my office to banter with...Anyone wanna swap? I have an office full of old people!
  10. Same here bluey. No totty to stare at and the only fit bloke here has two kids and a scary girlfriend
  11. Oh no! I love my office! Me and seven lads who are all wind up merchants!
  12. I just play hide and seek in the warehouse and play on my phone! Don't know why I want to upgrade my life really, it's pretty ace!
  13. Sigh! No nice men around for me! And the problem with having nerdy friends is you only ever meet nerdy blokes :) which is fine but a girl needs a manly man :)
  14. I'm sure you'll find plenty of manly men soon enough! :D
    All my friends are like "when you're in....introduce me to them!" :) nope.
  15. Haha! My two eldest sisters were really against the Army and then they asked if they would meet lots of fit men!! I told them I couldn't imagine them walking across the Afgan deserts in thier heels, gold hoop earrings and mini skirts! Bloody Essex birds :)