Drinks to avoid

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rebel_with_a_cause, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. Guys, a warning to the wise. Just tried a couple of glasses of a drink recommended to me sometime ago, port and brandy 50/50 mix. Fecking hell lads be careful 1 1/2 pints and I can hardly see. Be careful with that one. Anyone else got a drinks receipe that sneaks up on you?
  2. absinth in any combination is a real eye opener!leanrn,t from bitter experience!! 8O
  3. buckfast not because of the taste the fact that our rsm is willing to take a grand off you if caught with it in the lines.
  4. Some c*nt some spikd my perfectly good pint of lager last night with...

    Blue WKD/ Double Vodka/ Cider and a splash of wine.

    F*ckin awful, couldn't see straight/walk and ended up thornocating with an ex shag. Which now, I will not hear the last off from mates :roll:
  5. couldn,t have been that bolloxed mate if you managed to get it up!
  6. Maybe they spiked it with viagra as well.

    For me just plain old white wine, I can drink it until I am blind, paralysed and covered in puke. It's a good look!


  7. I would have said it was the complete opposite. The only time I ever drank it I slept 24 hours straight through afterwards!!!!! :oops:
  8. Vodka White Wine and lemonade (all in the same glass) very refreshing but kicks like a mule!!
  9. Then follow it up with a couple of bottle of Magners and some energetic dancing, has an interesting effect on the trousers of the bloke you puke on. :drunken: :pukel:
  10. Im definately a brandy and port man, lovely :D

    I always try and steer clear of anything of a week frothy urine type colour especially if its warm with what looks like a mars bar in it. I spent a lot of time around recovery mechs :wink:
  11. Well when I say shag, It was more of trying to get a triangle into a square hole. Limp and inadequate, but my mates don't need to know that :twisted:
  12. Cheeky vimtos/monkeys or whatever you call them..Port with blue WkD (and an extra vodka in it I have since heard), hate both drinks on there own but really does go down like vimto whilst drinking them, its only when it hits you like a ton of bricks you realise you have had one too many, ie 6.00 am in the bar after a ball and you decide to cross your legs and your knee hits the table and knocks a whole table of drinks over :oops: Never again will I try and act like a lady at silly o clock in the morning!
  14. Half a pint of larger (- a few large gulps) , one blue WKD and two vodkas, all in a Pint glass. IT'S GREEN AND I LOVE IT!!!!

    T C
  15. worst ever hangover was on ,neat dry martini it lasted 3 days.Could still taste the herbs a week later