Drinking Water....

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by carlbcfc, Apr 29, 2009.

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  1. I know drinking water is healthy and i do drink around 1.5ltr a day at the very least.

    But why the fook do we piss so much. Getting up at night to piss, waking up with the feeling you gonna piss yourself, piss before dinner, piss after dinner..etc.
  2. Think you should get to the Doctor...
  3. You appear to be suffering from acute smallbladderitess.

    A rare and often fatal condition that can only be resolved through the repeated application of OX8 to the foreskin.

  4. Could it be that u gulp it down...i mean ill do a 50cl bottle in one go.
  5. This post is quite literally pish.
  6. Got to be the worst "hard man" boast ever that one.
  7. Fukc me ive just read what i put i think i might have answered myself.

    Hard man boast haha funny that, i can do bigger but its just ill look a cnut walking around with a bigger bottle all the time.
  8. I beg to differ.
  9. Sip don't down it.

    Unlike my advice to the ladies, you don't have to take it all in one go.
  10. I reckon you should take the letters A & R our of your name :D
  11. Not just me then. Never used to drink a lot of water but have been doing 1.5ltrs (+ other drinks) a day for the last 6 months. I piss a lot but then I allways have. It's worse when I drink filtered water rather than tap water.

    Don't worry about it mate. Unless it buns when you piss or captain winky is falling off then I can't see your problem. Simple answer is some people can hold it and others can't.
  12. I tried to find a more sophisticated version of Sandy's suggestion.
    A fellow nurse once told me about a penile clamp with an on/off tap that he'd once seen an incontinent patient use/wear.

    So far, my Google search has just come up with this "interesting" gadget, for something completely different:


  13. You don't say how old you are or in what physical condition. Excessive micturition can be a sign of diabetes, bladder infection or, indeed growths within the pelvic girdle (mixoid Lypoid Sarcoma - Extremely rare) or indeed kidney dysfunction.
    If you are a squaddie or young then I wouldn't worry, you just have a more demanding bladder. If you ever have to attend a regimental dinner might I suggest one of these?


    Edited to add: Just seen your device Bovvy - Jeez how desperate does someone have to be? I hope you would dissuade anyone from trying that! :D
  14. I have no wish to persuade or dissuade its use, Mark. :roll:
    I usually try to avoid having anything to do with willies, full stop. 8O
    I tried to confine my nursing interventions (before I retired) to "above the neck" ..... though I once got on "a bit of a mission" when we had 2 young patients who seemed to be victims of neuroleptic-induced priapism ..... and the shrinks were somewhat complacent. :omg:

    Though, going back to that device ......
    ....... it appears useless, except as a weapon of torture. The photos intriqued (and horrified) me ....... especially the ones where the skin is pinched between those sharp-looking metal plates. :omfg: