Drinking Pics

If you are drinking tonight, take it easy....

{all credit for this pics goes to Jash}
I'm just glad noone was around with a camera last night!! :oops:
I wanna go with that bird in the blue top.... after she's swamped! :twisted:
Saves you asking "are ya wet luv?" :lol:
I want to go with the girl who has swamped.

After Woopert, of course.....

Ok how did they get that pic of me passed out on the pavement :oops:

Kavos 1997 ahhh the memories!!

Arab we know u pished last night mate!!

OOOO me fingers dont work
Last picture rings a bell ,only too pished to open window ,taxi driver not best pleased :oops:
Rincewind said:
anyone got the number of the bird with the white sunglasses on, would like to take her home to meet me mum and dad.

You can have her mate, the bird who swamped is class... :twisted: