Drinking makes you FAT!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BaldricksBullet, May 19, 2006.

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  1. Yes, but it makes you happy

  2. No, and it makes you happier

  1. My Doc says that drinking makes you fat! Dunno about you but I've never seen a fat alchoholic!

    It seems you can't do anything these days without the latest knowitall telling you it's bad for you. Is there anything left that you can do without knocking years off you life?
  2. Drinking makes you fat. More to the point, it makes your liver fat, which is NOT a good thing as its a precursor to cirrhosis.

    Never seen a fat alcoholic? Every alcoholic I've seen was at least overweight...
  3. Yeah, you can die!!!

    With you mate... Missus now reckons that there's no salad in McD's!
  4. Well of course drinking makes you fat. Beer contains female hormones, they have proven it.

    Gave 6 men 15 pints of beer each to drink and then tested them.

    Result - They were all talking gibberish and not one of them could drive properly.
  5. The reason alcoholics are skinny is because they forego food in favour of booze. Whilst alcohol is a form of food it does not contain enough calories to effectively sustain on its own, hence the skinnyness :)
  6. OK OK scientifically speaking, it might apear to make you fat... but answer me this then. If it makes you fat, how comes it makes all the women around you skinny?

    (who said 10 pint princess?)
  7. Is this a joke? ofcourse beer makes you fat, havent you ever heard of a beer belly! you make it sound like its new news lol
  8. Depends what you drink and how often. Loads of real Ale, Lager, Guinness has that much yeast in it that it's the same as munching bread. In addition, the beer makes you hungry so you trough a kebab or 3, a curry etc and you soon pile it on.

    As for side effects, how many seasoned beer drinkers have you seen with t#ts?

    If you drink too much beer, lager you fatten the arteries and put a strain on the heart so can have a heart attack. If however you stick to spirits it thins the blood but the concenration of alcohol then b##gers your liver and you end up with cirrosis.

    Choose your poison and take your chance :wink:
  9. No I'm totally seroius... I mean, I'd never joke on this forum... I mean what would be the point, when we can have a good informative discussion instead.
  10. But those t1ts are usually drinking as well.

    You can pick your friends but never apparently your drinking mates.
  11. alcohol is gods way to say he loves me and wants me to be happy.
  12. Drink Gin & stop eating. It's the new Atkins
  13. Drinking doesn't make people fat, it makes them slimmer. On many an evening when I've been downing the Stella I've seen women lose several stone in a couple of hours. Unfortunately the effect doesn't last... You go to bed with Sharon Stone and wake up next to Twenty Stone.
  14. Does pishing in the wardrobe count as fat?
  15. I think... yes, unless it's someone elses! You should really pish? in the sink like everyone else!