Drinking in Germany - The Myth

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by regular_imbiber, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. Theres many a thread and post on here where people get misty-eyed as they reminisce about their drinking exploits and the many great sessions theyve enjoyed here in Germany.

    However I reckon this is on a par with "the summers were always lovely when I was a kid" and heres my reasons why.

    The Germans drink in a different manner to us. Their way of drinking is centralised around beer. If you stick to beer out here then this is the place for you, however if you are a spirit man or woman then its not so good. In Blighty you can get a quarter or maybe a third of a gill (35/30/25 mm for the youngsters) of spirits and a dash of the soft drink of your choice. You can actually tatse the spirit involved.Here, its a thimbleful of spirit and a pint of soft drink; this is known as a "tall drink". Bollocks, to me this is known as a fucking rip-off. You'll drown in it before you get drunk on it and only end up with an even more bloated gut that you started with.

    Let's be honest, the only time you get drunk on spirits out here is if you are in a Sqn/Coy/Regt Bar or Mess or in yours or your mate's houses.

    As a result, I hardly touch spirits in the boozers out here. Its much better in the UK where your average bevvy merchant like me can enjoy his spirits, a thing you very rarely see even among our German friends.
  2. This is true, when out on the town in Iserlohn, it was beer all the way. Doubles were the realm of the Sqn bar 50 pfg a double if memory serves, along with Grolsch at 1DM a bottle. Still had some excellent nights out and Iserlohn as a town was not that bad, had some good bars and the women were pretty decent as well.
  3. I all ways get a good measure in not squadie bars. not cheap mind
  4. I think a lot of the drinking stories are probably based around Naafi/Sqn bars and messes. It is true that drinking in German bars and clubs was mainly beer based and in my case was usually once a week on either a Friday or Saturday.

    However we certainly had some memorable sessions in both Cpl and Sgt's Mess bars over the 17 years I served in BAOR so it's not all a myth.
  5. That's why we'd start in the mess then go down town when we really should have been going to bed.

    I take it you weren't around in the early - mid 90s?

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  6. B_AND_T

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    Try the Journal by the bus station! Get to know them and the measures go from thimbleful to treble measures of vodka with a splash of coke in no time. Best to go there late afternoon or early evening before the idiots turn up.
  7. I seem to remember in Berlin that some bars used to give you a free Apfelkorn when you ordered a beer?
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  8. I don't know about Berlin but when I visited a mate in Osnabruck his local Gasthause stumped up a free schnapps with every large beer you ordered. Foul stuff it was too...lol
  9. There's only so much that you can actually drink even as a fit young fellah so it wasn't 24 hour party party party day in day out. When you did go out though which was usually two, three or four times a week, it did feel a bit like that. Germany when I was there in the seventies was a very different place to the UK. The bars were open until very late, sometimes until the last one standing left the premises. The night club experience even now makes me chuckle. I've never since I was in Germany, walked into a club in the late evening and left several hours later finding much to my surprise and a little amusement, that it's actually daylight outside.

    So, Germany in comparison with Britain in those days might be described by comparing it when coming home on leave, it was a bit like returning to the stone age. Down the pub at lunch time, get turfed out at two or three in the afternoon, back in the pub at six in the evening and chucked out again at eleven. British nightclubs? Maybe if there was one around but even nightclubs in those times shut their doors at one or two in the morning. That was it then. Home to bed because there was nowhere to go!

    Britain has changed it's drinking hours enormously since those days and although I have never been back to Germany since my time in the mob there, I think the tangible differences that used to exist are obviously much less discernable in this day and age.

    As for what we drank? I've always been a beer drinker so that suited me. I only got onto shorts very late in the session when I was getting close to my sell by date anyway. Some guys were different though. Asbach brandy was usually the favourite one and a lot of guys drank bacardi and coke etc. I always enjoyed a ratzeputz when I got to that stage but only three or four. Then I was done. I also experimented a little with the various schnapps but only in very small quantities. Camp bars, and there were about seven on Trenchard Barracks when I was there, were cheaper particularly for spirits. Friday lunchtime was a company parade at 2pm for 20 minutes before being marched file by file into the company bar. There was a big difference though between drinking on camp and off it in the sense that it was nice to be able to leave the army and therefore, everything associated with green stuff behind by going downtown either with your mates or on your own to enjoy yourself.

    It was all great fun though and although I had many a hangover, some of them quite massive, I can't do it now so, great memories!
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  10. As I remember it this was also the done thing in the 80s, sqn bar until 10 then taxi downtown.
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  11. I would like to share my memories of drinking exploits in the Fatherland but I was too pissed to remember any of them. There are various Textile free photographs to prove I was there (clothes were just so constricting when aled) so I know that I had some exploits.

    One that does spring to mind is spending just shy of 500 Marks at the RASS one year and all I had to show for it was a set of shite multi coloured braces and a gale force hangover. I heart Deutchland.
  12. Was also the done thing in the 90's Shat myself the first time i worked out how much I had spent doing both in 93 worked out about 200dms i had been used to à night out costing 25-30 quid at the time still it was good fun.
  13. The problem with you brits is, that you can't take your ale ;-)

    Ok, serious, most brits I drank with, where wasted at 22:30 latest. Probably had something to do with the "last order" stuff over there on the isles.
    (to their credit: at 22:30 they had the amount of booze+spirits that would last me till 02:00 in the morning)
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Bruggen in the early 90's was 1DM a pint for all the beer,it amazed me the amount of blokes who drank crappy British beer instead of the local stuff (Warsteiner/Dorty ect) in the NAAFI.
    Being on the border with Holland & frequent trips to Roermond,the drinking culture was the same their as in BFG,people didn't go out to get hammered then & many good block party was had.
    I think what also made it more enjoyable & stopped you getting hammered was you didn't get pint pots in the civ bars,you got the little 1/3 pint glasses,even tho you could down them in 2 gulps!Friday night over to Roermond for a couple pints in the King George?,then a Jerusalem for a Schwarma then a pub crawl before a taxi back to camp.
  15. The one time I went boozing in DE was in presence of the SO's parents, so it was limited to a couple of half litres and a shot of vodka after the meal. I then whupped SO at pool and decamped to hotel. Good times.