Drinking games

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Trick, May 4, 2008.

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  1. any suggestions? edited to add (and explanations)
  2. Cardinal Puff

    La Di Dah

    Liar Dice
  3. You buy it, we'll sup it.

    Always goes down well. :D
  4. the game of YEEE HA!
  5. Spoof - Spoof is played by any number of players in a series of rounds. In each round the objective is to guess the aggregate number of coins held in concealment by the players. At the beginning of every round each player may hold any quantity of coins, from zero to a maximum of three in their closed fist, extended into the circle of play. The coins may be of any denomination, and indeed the values of the coins are irrelevant. In fact, any suitable objects could be used in place of coins.

    For the first round an initial guesser is selected in some fashion. This first guesser has the initial advantage in that all possible sums are available for his guess, but also lacks insight into what the others might be holding, as indicated by their subsequent guesses. Play proceeds clockwise around the circle until each player has ventured a guess regarding the total number of coins, and no player can guess the same total as any other player. The call of "Spoof!" is sometimes used to mean "zero". After all players made a guess, they then open their fists and display their coins for the group to count the total. The first player to correctly guess the total orders the round of drinks for all players. The remainder of the group proceeds to the next round. If no player guesses correctly, the entire group continues play in the next round. The starting guesser for each subsequent round is the next remaining player, clockwise from the starter of the previous round.

    Play continues until all players have been eliminated except for one, whereupon that last remaining player pays for the round of drinks. All drinks must be downed in 1 if not then that player must buy another same round of drinks. You definitely get drunk very quickly.
  6. Buzz in German
  7. freckles is always a winner


    soggy biscuit.
  8. Bunnies


  9. Bunnies.
  10. Freckles & 21 Aces, can't beat 'em! :wink:
  11. Not forgetting Dive Bombers either - even more fun if you heat the coins up with a lighter first! :omfg:
  12. nails.


  13. Far to much time to perfect these

    Chinese rugby




    Your mum (personal favourite)

    (i cant spell because i am very hung over)
  14. Fizz, buzz, bang (3, 5 and 7). I defy anyone to know their 7 times table after 30 minutes. Ruthless timings and over-zealous Chairing a must.
  15. Nobody mentioned Shock yet? It must just be me that nearly lost my liver to that game then.