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Seen it played once, and when you are one of the last two flogging it out over a Hobnob, then you truly know the meaning of nerves of steel. Anybody interested in a tri-service league? I would not include the Booties, as that would not be fair on the rest of us, cos thats the sort of thing they do all the time. All comers welcome, so to speak. Only qualifications required are a full sac, and a curious ability to maintain wood and spuff while looking at another bloke. Not sure if this should be in sports and rec section, but I suspect it would end up here anyway. IMHO could be bigger than the Army and Navy bash.
This game brings back some awful, awful memories! :)
A point that is rarely considered in this sport of kings: which biccy best ameliorates the horror of having to scoff 5-6 grammes of lukewarm man-fat? I hope this link provides some guidance.
While on this subject, any "Speckles" afficianados out there? once again, Booties need not apply; for fcuks sake, at least give us amateurs a chance. :roll:
does anybody out there know the rules for shock (the drinking/bar game involving dice, shot glasses + lots of booze)
Jesus! lost many an afternoon and upset Mrs Disco after playing shock.

Some scaley (or general) shock rulez.

To play you need 3 dice and a shaker per player, and playing cards or a box of matches and a few beer mats (markers), ideally 13 cards for each player

The idea of the game is to "shock out" of the round 3 times avoiding a largely spiked drink or pint (or both) or to buy a round of drinks for all players!

In turn you shake the dice,

The aim is to get 3 x 1 to Shock out!

You have 3 shakes, on the first 2 shakes you can keep any dice face or reshake all of them. Ideally you would keep any 1`s or 6`s.

Here is ranking order of wins

3 x 1 - Shock out

2 x 1 + number (2-6) Shock No, e.g 2x1 +2 is Shock two. (2 is higher than 6)

3 of a kind (Generals) 1 highest (shock) then 6-5-4-3-2

Runs - 123 highest 456 lowest

Total of highest 2 dice (read as numbers do not add up) - 66 highest 22 lowest

The game plays 3 rounds.

Half of the cards or matches are placed in the middle (pot)

After every player has played his dice the loser will be awarded cards from the pot.

Soon it will come down to 2 players (the 3rd or others shocked out and placed his/her cards in the pot) Once the cards in middle have gone they pass over cards to the loser from the shake from their own pile.

The last player to shock out loses that round and keeps his cards. Rip a beer mat in half and he/her keeps this as a half marker.

Play the second match just the same, everyone starts again. The loser of this round keeps the 2nd half of the cards.

Last round is played between the 2 losers of the 1st and 2nd round. All cards are placed into they middle and they fight it out. Once the cards in middle have gone they pass over cards to the loser from the shake from their own pile.

1 player will either Shock out or eventually lose all his cards to the other and win that way.

The guy with all the cards at the end is a big fat looooser and drinks the drink or buys the beers.

Shock + number = cards of the shock eg Shock 5 would be 5 cards
3 of a kind = 3cards
Runs = 2c
number win = 1card


When rolling the dice ;
3x6`s you can turn 2 dice into 1`s but you must have 1 throw left for last dice. (cannot be done on after last throw)

2x6`s you can turn 1 dice into 1`s but you must have 1 throw left for last dice. (cannot be done on after last throw)

Ok think thats it, its a fine bar game but Friday afternoon quickly turns into Saturday morning and normally the monkeys raiding the Sqn bar hehehe.

I love Shock - used to play it in Cyrpus but for some reason, no one here that I hang out with know how to play it. It gets too confusing to explain the rules so we just get drunk anyway :lol:
Has anyone ever played Kabbadi?
its quite a tricky game you have to be quite skillfull and quick.
However try playing it naked in mud with loads of man on man action.
One of the aspects of play in Kabbadi, is that during the chase phase, the player must not take a breath. He demonstrates this by continually saying "Kabbadi" whilst trying to catch his opponent.

This aspect of the game was used quite successfully on Montgomery Lines during the late 1980's.

There was a bloke who used to do the most rancid farts in Aldershot who lived in our room for a couple of months. He was that most dreaded of roommates, the booted-out pad. Half the fcuking furniture from his tramps-den ended up in our room, including a schrank, or whatever they're called. When he wasn't sobbing into his counterpane about how much of a c-u-n-t his wife was he was trying to get us to go out to 'discos' (it had been a while since he'd last been a singly).

Fcuk me, he could fart though. They used to really catch at the back of your throat. Mind you, all he ate was ploughmans pasties and pepperamis. After a few days of near-death experiences we hit on a bright idea. Ever after, as soon as he let rip, six blokes would make for the door, shouting " kabbadi, kabbadi, kabbadi, kabbadi, kabbadi" till we were clear. It works as well.
an indian version of tig
SHOCK.......... played with dice and leather cups mostly in Germany gets you pissed quick as fick. Can't remember how to play it though was always pissed.


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