Drinking Games Illegal?

Hi have heard this been thrown around recently and just wondering if anyone else has heard of it?
did a quick check of an online verison of the queens regs and couldnt find anything realting to drinking games/buying rounds in the mess being illegal, so is it complete bull or what?

many thanks in advance

Don't be so bloody stupid man! How could the mess survive without drinking games?!!?

What about "games nights"????
i know i know, but have heard its in queens regs all the same

not gonna stop us playin kings; power hour/half hour; beep test and the like, more of a sad curiousity than anything else
If in doubt you could always follow WUOTC's lead from the 2005 summer camp and play drinking games....with water!!! 8O


So long as you can get in a round of the naked pile up game all will be right with the world.
[nowah] You may have been confused by the tradition in some Regiments (and also in the RN IIRC) that buying rounds is not encouraged, partly so the more impecunious Officer is not embarassed by being able to afford to do so.

Mind you in my first Regiment there were very few paupers (one owned Ireland) except me & rounds were still not allowed. We did get hit pretty hard for wines bills after dinners...

There was also the case back in the '80s when some recruit troop DS got into a world of bother when at an end of course p!ss up a recruit died after drinking a size 16 BCH full of mixed spirits as an initiation.

Long & short is thar QR's don't forbid it but have some common sense![/nowah]
#1crow, you'll find this rule is unique to Queen's. If you want to know why Uncle D introduced it ask some of the more senior cadets or subbies.

However, I for one will be doing my best to encourage all forms of drunken debauchery in the mess over the coming year. 8)
That sort of thing isn't specified in QRs, but you will find that in many Messes 'treating' is not customary. This is, as has been observed, to prevent Officers from feeling obliged to buy rounds, but is less to alleviate the financial burden, and more to ensure that if you simply pop in for a quick pint then you don't find yourself tied into drinking five instead simply through peer pressure.

Of course, proper Regiments don't have bars in the mess anyway, and the Mess Waiter takes car of who gets billed for what. Be nice to him - rude people always seem to 'drink' champagne!

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