drinking for over 21s

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by remf_crow, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. bring the drinking age up to 21 is unbelievable. its a complete farse alowing an 18 year old to go on tour and fight in a foreign land, yet not celebrate coming back with a beer. im not a big drinker but i cant believe that i wont be able to go to the mess with mates and have a drink. Apparently it may be done in order to stop violence on the streets, but if they kick us out the pubs, where the hell will we go? any ideas?
  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Come to where I live and see all the little shits who run around breaking windows and attacking people on a Sat night at 11.30 because they can't use alcohol without turning into feral animals.

    SW19 btw....
  3. So how will raising the limit from 18 to 21 stop 14 year old feral kids drinking?
  4. I went to High School in America. By the time they were 18, most of my friends had given up smoking dope, and gone on to either acid or....beer.

    If beer is as illegal as dope or crack, which do you think stupid kids are going to go for? This is a really stupid idea, from a government which is completely incapable of thinking any idea through beyond the second headline.
  5. All it would is mean that another 3 yrs of youths who cant get into pubs would be hanging around street corners wrecking peoples lives at least when in pubs you know where they are.
  6. Dunno where this one came from, but it's typical spin, like lowering the drink-driving limit. It only hurts the ones who obey the existing law, alcoholic idiots will just ignore it anyway, but it makes good press. :x
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It'll never happen, it's the surist way to get all those 18-20 year olds voting, against you.
  8. It's not the lower age, it's where the arrseholes drink.
    Make it illegal to drink anywhere other than on licensed premises or at home.

    It is already an offence to but or ATTEMPT TO BUY alcoholic drinks for under age persons, so this needs enforcing ROBUSTLY AND WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

    All the laws to remedy this are in place, it merely needs a hands (Boots & batons) on approach to enforce them.
  9. Good grief, try enforcing that when vodka can be easily disguised by fruit juice. Thinking back to the ratan video that was on here a while back, suspect that not many would be drunk and disorderly if that was the punishment.
  11. Usual crap from police chiefs/politicians who want to sound tough without actually doing anything, because it is easier - and gets better headlines - to pass laws and give police more powers than it is to actually use the massive powers they already have to any decent effect.

    Passing laws does not stop crime; enforcing them might.

    And since when did any of these people respect the existing laws (and how many people on here strictly abided by them too, out of interest?)
  13. We have had suggestions to both increase the age for drinking alcohol and measures to increase the price. Can the proponents of these ideas come up with any real justification for either idea, we charge more than most for alcohol in this country yet we have more alcohol related problems than contries where the price is a fraction of ours, equally when at least some of the problem is already caused by underage drinking how will raising the age change that and stop underage drinking. Where I live it is illegal to drink in a public place but the law is poorly enforced so it you still get gangs of underage drinkers despite the law. The real problem is the absolute lack of enforcement of the laws we already have rather than the need for any new ones.
  14. im 18 and clearly dont sit around in car parks, ill go to a pub! i dont get knicked all the time like some others! what im trying to say is that if this does come in, the shits that do fcuk around all the time will not change, but us who do toe the line will get jacked on
  15. Give you time for a bit of nightschool then....

    Remedial English perhaps.... :wink: