Drinking Challenges - Anyone for Monopoly?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wag Tail, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. I'm just back from overnight in London where we did the Monopoly Challenge. It's basically a case of visiting every road, street and railway station on the Monopoly board and having a beer / alcoholic drink in a pub in each one. We took a board and had it signed by the landlord of every pub we visited. We managed all 26 squares in 11hrs 42min which is not too bad by all acounts. It also involves a lot of tabbing (7 - 9 miles) so it's keep fit drinking! Finished off with an over night stop in the Union Jack Club and a reviving full English this morning. If you're up for it there's a few websites with routes, tips etc which are worth a look.

    Any one out there got any others we can line up?
  2. Alternatively you could get a life.
  3. The Mumbles mile.......
  4. Rose Street Edinburgh
  5. I think I'm banned from most London pubs after the last London Crawl, as are Dragknuckle, Fwuffy, Joker62, Jarrod and Prince Albert.

    There was a Chesterfield Crawl in 2005, so we are probably banned from there as well, and after my birthday debacle, I'm not sure if we are welcome back in Richmond either. One of us is going to have a buy a pub soon.........
  6. I've been back in, the landlady didn't recognise me ^^
  7. You forgot Lefty!!! He was the instigator of it all.......and I was behaved!
  8. The Circle Line crawl
  9. In the early 80's a popular game was drinking with Dallas. Very simple rules-tape an episode of Dallas-on VHS natch-and then have a drink everytime one of the characters does. It used to get a bit blurry when Sue Ellen went on a bender...even worse if splitscreen with 'ole JR...
  10. Put all of the star wars characters in a hat. All draw a name. Drink when they appear on-screen. Stitch up the red-arse with "Stormtrooper"
  11. ...........The life & soul of any party no doubt?

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Bev Road Run.
  13. Bev Rurd Run?
  14. The classic film "Withnail & I".

    Match the feckers drink for drink!
  15. Even the lighter fluid!! STRONG